My first video book review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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My 100th book review for Love at First Book and my first ever video review! What did you think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?


chicklebird says:

i deleted it bc i found it lol i didn't know it would still send it to you, oops, thanks for the info though!

chicklebird says:

no, i've heard a few people mention the classics club but i'm not even entirely sure what it is, is it on goodreads? i'm not really part of the blogging community so i'm pretty clueless with that stuff, i've been participating in the #septembeyre read along but only on twitter bc i don't have a blog and don't really understand the rest of it lol, i read peoples posts at the end of each week and that's about it

chicklebird says:

just wanted to say hi, i found you through andi (estellasrevenge) and subscribed right away, i'm always looking for booktubers that discuss classics bc that's an genre i'm new to but also really excited about right now, i'm reading jane eyre for the first time and i am absolutely loving it, i have frankenstein on my tbr, i also want to read dracula, i was going to try to read them both before halloween but so far jane eyre has been a bigger time investment for me then i expected

paolo pagotto says:

Congratulations for your first video review….waiting for next! I subscribed your channel

estellasrevenge says:

Ha! I think I'm more obsessive than pro. lol

estellasrevenge says:

I love your first video review! Just subscribed to your channel, in case you decide to do more of these. 🙂

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