My Favorite Romance Books! (Romance Book Recs!)

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Chatting through today my favorite stories ft. romance!

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A P says:

Video table of contents:
The Wicked Fox – 0:59
Spinning Silver – 3:00
Finnikin of the Rock – 4:53
When Dimple met Rishi – 7:33
Storm and Fury // White Hot Kiss – 8:51
A Curse so Dark and Lonely – 10:45
The Starless Sea – 12:05

The best romance novel I've ever read was Secrets of Mental Math by Martin Gardner

CATfaceCutie says:

Soooooo… I finished The Dark Elements Trilogy &&&&& lol omg okay thank you for introducing me to this author & this series! lol omg… you know… your brain says Zayne, but your heart just spews Roth lol alsoooo now starting The Lumatere Chronicles & I’m eager to find out what happened to the Kingdom!!!

Vertigo says:

subtitles: ''there's so much food and atmosphere''
me: 🤨😯🤔

CATfaceCutie says:

😭I need to read them all

Gabriella Cordova says:

Hopeless-Colleen Hoover

Joshua Dionne says:

The moss comforter
by revey t bowl would be a good read, VAns and biting life not so sure but white rice-pamela josephine cooker, what a fantastic book the purple tulip by jupiter rome shale but too picky.

nunibratz says:

Omg I thought I was the only who gets out of a book slump by reading or rereading something by Jennifer L.Armentrout.


Wicked fox has a lot of mixed reviews uff :/ I don‘t know…

Jessica R. says:

I read Finnikin a few years ago on your recommendation. Best decision ever.

TeasersBooks says:

Jennifer l armentrout is one of my fave romance authors! So glad you recommended this series cause more people need to read it

Wendy Ward says:

Have you tried The Chronicles of Cheysuli series by Jennifer Roberson? It is a bit older of a series, but it is my absolute favorite. I reread it once a year. It is 8 books, but if you buy the omnibus editions, there are 2 books in each of those.
I just found your channel and am loving it. I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre, but as a special needs mom, I don't have a ton of time to go to the bookstore and spend a lot of time reading blurbs to find new things to read. Now I have a few series to read thanks to your videos. Thank you!

Emma Florence says:

I never really see Finnikin of the Rock mentioned by any booktubers I check out, so I'm thrilled that you talked about it! It's probably my favorite YA fantasy series, and now I'm confident I'll probably love your other book recs!

barmy says:

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shmm says:

i love your jumper/shirt

Balkis Rincón says:

Thanks for the recommendations. I love your channel and your taste in books. 😀

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