My FAVORITE ROMANCE Books | 2020 Romance Book Recommendations

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These are my top ten favorite romance books! I was so excited to get this romance book recommendation out for you all in time for Valentine’s Day!
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Book Bugg says:

I have One True Love and All Your Perfects on my bookshelf so I’ll def pick these up for your romanceathon! I’ve been dying to read Maybe in Another Life though 🤔 might have to add this one in too

Ridha Amalia Nur says:

Thanks for your recommendation!! I am putting the 'One True Loves' and 'Maybe in Another Life' on my TBR now. And while watching this video, i finished the first chapter of these 2 books. I have a good feeling that I'll like these 2 babieees <3

Dustin Josjor says:

Love November 9! The first book I read by Colleen was It Ends with Us. One of my top favorites

KeyReadThat says:

I feel in love with TJR's writing about 2 years and just recently read Maybe in Another Life and there were tears. I loved Birthday Girl which took me about almost 2 years to read, but I ended up loving it. I have Too Late on my ebook TBR.

Nicole Kawa says:

Did you see the movie Sliding Doors with Gwenth Paltrow? Same concept as Maybe in Another Life.

Emilia Bryce says:

One of my favorites is Torn by Carian Cole, it’s part of a series but can be read alone and it’s really good if you like Taboo but not really (age gap).

Gacha_lizzy _midnight says:

You should definately read mr. and mrs. by alexa riley

Piya Chakma says:

You should read before we were strangers by Renee is also a great love story book..u will like it😊

Ilia The Bookworm says:

Birthday Girl is on my tbr and I'm so excited to read it. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I've read Evelyn Hugo by TJR and i loved it! I might have to pick up her other books. Eleanor & Grey looks so good. The cover is so pretty😍

Sassycatz says:

It's funny, Two of the books you recommended remind me very much of two movie plots. Hoover's November 9 reminds me of a movie made in the late 1970s called Same Time, Next Year. And Reid's One True Loves reminds me of the 1940s My Favorite Wife although the latter is definitely a comedy and was remade in the 1960s and retitled Move Over Darling.

Anyway, romances featuring married couples — some of these will be quite old.
Tara Taylor Quinn's Becca's Baby – wonderful Harlequin super romance involving a couple in their 40s who had been trying to have a baby for many years, gave up, and then all of a sudden the wife gets pregnant, which leads to much emotion and conflict.
Sherry Thomas' Private Arrangements (historical)
Joan Wolf's The American Duchess (Signet regency)
Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot
Marilyn Pappano's Some Enchanted Season (X-mas romance, cheating involved)
Fay Robinson's Mr. & Mrs. Wrong (another older Harlequin)

Jessica Magruder says:

I love TJR and CoHo! I also love marriage love stories and the only other one I can think of that's not mentioned in the comments is Landline by Rainbow Rowell which I'd recommend!

Desi Nicole says:

You need to read You were there too— married couple, another life, infertility troubles 🥰

Emily Rogers says:

Tfs your recommendations!

Tarrell Bellinger says:

Great recommendations! Colleen Hoover is one of the best romance writers working today and all her books do NOT disappoint. Do yourself a favor and read everything she's written. You'll be better off for it. Here are my all time favorite romance reads in no particular order: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks; A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks; The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks; The Fault in Our Stars by John Green; and I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Let me know what you think. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Week! I have a random question for you. What are your thoughts on the lack of male authors in the romance genre?

acciobiblio says:

Maybe In Another Life is one of my ALL TIME favorites!!! And One True Loves is SO good! TJR is just amazing…

Nov 9 was my first CoHo book!! (I read it last Nov, lol) 😍 I hadn't heard of Too Late! Added to my TBR!

Birthday Girl is so good!! As was All the Ugly and Wonderful Things!!! Those both surprised me with how beautiful they were.

After I Do, Eleanor & Gray, and All Your Perfects are on my TBR!❤

Had never heard of On the Island!! Just added to TBR! 😍

Mrsbooklover says:

Great video thank you, two romances that centre around a married couple are The bromance book club and love her or lose her by Tessa bailey xx

TheSweetieDarling says:

The only Colleen Hoover book I’ve read is Verity (freaking loved it) and I’m curious if Too Late is more in that vein. I don’t like romance that’s sappy or really sad. I either like romance that’s also suspense or a quick and dirty. 😂 I need to read Birthday Girl- it’s been on my kindle for a couple months.

itsactuallycat says:

Romance is my favourite genre, but I get so frustrated because so much of it has problematic relationships, abusive themes and insta love. Colleen Hoover is actually one of the authors I go back and forth on because I love her writing style, but some of her early stuff was so icky and problematic to me. But I did enjoy some of her later stuff (It Ends With Us and Regretting You). I haven’t read the Colleen books you mentioned so I’ll give them a go because I do like her writing. I will definitely try out the others books you recommended too. I loved Evelyn Hugo so would love to read more from Taylor Jenkins Reid. Birthday Girl and On the Island sound intriguing!

Barbie Sutherland says:

Love colleen Hoover and read Nov. 9 and have Birthday girl on my list and have Taylor Jenkins Reid books on my list! read

alittlewriterem says:

I have Birthday Girl on my kindle but I haven’t picked it up yet!! This was such a good list of books 😍

onthefritz says:

Ah these all sound so good! I haven't read Coleen Hoover yet, but I'm excited to!

Avril Naughton says:

Thanks for romance recommendations. Loved,on the island,have ordered,all your perfects and birthday girl from my local library on your recommendations. Just finished,the Rosie project,laugh out loud,thought provoking and insightful read. I need to start reading ms hoover and ms c cherry this year,romance goal

SofiaReads says:

Thanks for all the recommendations 😊One marriage recommendation book that I enjoyed was Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella!

Thecatladybooknook .Pensguys says:

Yesss, ATUaWT!!!

Thecatladybooknook .Pensguys says:

Buddy reading November 9 in a few months

Thecatladybooknook .Pensguys says:

Yes!! November 9! All time fav and my heart broke!

Reading With Jess says:

Thanks for the recommendations. Going to try to read Colleen Hoover’s books

Jay G says:


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