my favorite books to read in fall 🍂

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hello everyone and happy fall! today i wanted to share with you my fall book recommendations, aka books i love that in some way remind me of fall and that you should definitely read!
what are your favorite books to read in fall?

books mentioned:
– the shadow of the wind
– an ember in the ashes
– the astonishing color of after
– red white and royal blue
– in the dream house
– children of blood and bone
– circe
– ninth house

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thank you so much for watching 💛


Martina Nilsson says:

Why the need to hype so much about Ember and the Ashes? Not everyone likes YA fantasy you know 😅

Michele says:

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are sharing content again. Also, I just have to say you are beautiful both on the inside and the outside! Thank you for sharing these recommendations.

Mariek says:

I absolutely loved this video. And by coincidence, I finished Ninth House like 10 minutes before starting this video and it's one of my favourite Leigh Bardugo books ever. Right up there with Six of Crows. Also, YOUR HAIR LOOKS BEAUTIFUL.

Sofía Iparraguirre García de la Rosa says:

I haven't read the shadow of the wind but If the book is set in the 1940s the spanish civil war is over and franco's distatorship has started . Just a little clarification from a spanish girl😅

Naj Najmulski says:

Omg I was thinking "omg is it ok to read an ember in the ashes even tho its not fall/halloween themed?" But now i feel valid thank uuuuu just finished the first book and started the second very good! 💙

Also, while I was watching this I just kept thinking "man ur so pretty"

Jane P says:

I loved loved loved Ninth House!!! 😍

Nelli says:

I need to reread Reaper at the gates before the 4th book comes out!

Léonnie says:

I'm just finishing Circe ( that I enjoyed a lot 😊) and now I have to choose what to read next but your video just gave me a few ideas.
I really want to read The Shadow of The Wind and Ninth House now 😄

Patricija Biškup says:

I love how you explain books and premises, but I was hoping for some new recs tho

Ruby Rae Reads says:


Anna L says:

I am highly anticipating the last book in the Ember series, but then again I am not because I am too scared for my babies 😭😭

Jackie's Literary Corner says:

I'm really enjoying reading Victorian Literature for October. Other than spooky and mysteries I like reading about academics. The Thirteenth Tale also feels like an Autumn read.

On the move says:

I honestly didn't think anyone could love An Ember In The Ashes as much as me!

Faery Chains says:

You have such classy elegant princess vibes. I have to know where you get your clothes and jewellery from if I’m ever going to attempt to be as pretty as you!!

اقرألى كتاباً Samira says:

I like your choices

Paniz Afrasiabi says:

You're so pretty Hannah:)As u've always been

Paniz Afrasiabi says:

EVERYONE SHOULD READ NINTH HOUSE.I started reading it thinking I'd put it down in a matter of minutes but OMG!!Like holy pregnant cow!It ended up being one of my favorite reading experiences.I loved it so so much.I VERY highly recommend it.Especially in this season,eventhough I read it in summer myself.

Momina Mohamed says:

I have always loved reading but my ass was to lazy to start but after watching your videos my bank account starting screaming 😭😭

Anya Smith says:

Okay Hannah, let me ditch my November tbr and read these instead 😌

Subhajit Pramanik says:

Please recommend some cheap books but great books

world is despair says:

I want to read all of these books but with school I haven't got the time, I hope I can reach my goal of 5 books this month😭❤️

Filipa Martins says:

Hi Hannah! Very pleased that i've read 5 of your recommendations 😀 great list of books. ..really missed this sort of videos 😙😙😙

sanskar jain says:

I have read first 3 and they r phenomenal. Waiting for the last one.

Jenny Revie says:

Where did you get your copy of shadow of the Wind because I like the cover and all the online stores that I have been looking in don't have that particular cover

yolanda contreras says:

Can you please make a podcast where you read a book and review it as you’re reading so it would feel as if we’re reading the book with you pleaseeee

Darkfaerie Reader says:

I love how you react with Red, White and Royal Blue. I totally agree with you. It's a rollercoaster of emotions. This is one of my favorite romance books of all time. 😍

Bad and Bookie says:

Great video. 🙂 added some of these to my TBR! Especially An Ember in the Ashes. You sold me on that one!

Arwa A says:

Okay but like ur so cute omg

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