my favorite books of all time ~ some made me ugly cry 📖

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my favorite books of all time from my tiny minimalist library. I’m living my booktuber moment with this video and I love it. what other book related videos should I do?

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o h h t a e says:

what book are you reading right now?

StopFear says:

Wow, a book reviewer holding a stack of books and talking about all of them in less than 10 minutes. How original.

Ifa Mj says:

1:10 we were liars
1:48 a tale for the time being
3:05 call me by your name
4:33 the outsiders
4:50 the book thief
5:35 the nightingale

luvvniya says:

what’s wrong with amazon?

Pamela B says:

The Nightingale made me ugly cry too. It’s one of my all time faves.

ziane farah says:

Omg I just discovered your YT channel, i've been missing out, it's so great <3

J Johnson says:

You should read Antiemetic for Homesickness made me cry a lot this year.

Breadrolls says:

these are litterally the most popular YA books you absoulute boffuune

Chiara Zepner says:

I just have to tell you that it is so relaxing to listen to your voice. You exude so much calm! I really, really like that about you. I love listening to you while you're talking. Thank's for that! 🙂

Lasauce says:

The fact that the first thing you mentioned when talking about WW2 is « US liberating camps » then « Russia » is just so concerning. American education is just full of propaganda it’s crazy

Brsbeach says:

Thanks! (And you are dangerously cute!! ) <3

Cake Mixim says:

“…Bezos doesn’t need my money any more”❣️

Jani Sarah_Jayne says:

Great recommendations! I keep meaning to read call me by your name it sounds so good! I haven’t even seen the movie-This is my sign to finally read it I guess 😂have you read the hiding place by Corrie ten boom? It’s similar to the nightingale but it’s a true story of a woman who hid Jews from the nazis and ended up in a concentration camp, it’s an incredible story!

possesst says:

I don't support them because they are owned by Amazon. Haha, awesome.

Lucero Rivera says:

The Nightingale Is such a Beautiful Book! If you like Historical fiction books you would Love : Lilac girls, Between shades of gray, All the light we cannot see, and Salt to the Sea. Just to name a few they are amazing books.

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