My Favorite Book Endings

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Links to books I talked about in this video
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Pet Cemetary

Tess D’Uberville


Animal Farm

The Remnant Chronicles

The Picture of Dorian Gray



Peter Pan

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Alex Cormack says:

Sees the title 
Me: "Let me guess… they all die?" 
lol 🙂

Midnight Lemon says:

I was staring at The Way of Kings on your shelf the whole video, but it never came up, which surprised me. It's my favorite book of all time, and the ending gave me every single one of the feels, so it really stuck the landing in my opinion.

Chris Holmstrom says:

You need to listen to Pink Floyd Animals (based on Animal Farm)

Mr Temporal says:

I don't have any favorites because I don't have any bookends, and I don't think they're important enough to try enough of them to have a favorite

Ovidiu Hretcanu says:

5:08 a punch? … as an eastern European I can tell you that this book is not fiction. It is a (fulfilled) prophecy of the evolution of any socialist/communist regime which, sadly, I was old enough to experience myself.

Sarai Berio says:

I literally just finished the remnant chronicles and came to this video looking for another thing similar to it, so I was surprised when I saw you pop up with the three books in your hand 😆

Persephone Diggen - Other Things says:

I LOVE Rafe (from the remnant chronicles) so much! Lia and Kaden are fine, and I hate the Komizar, what a horrible character.

Jacob Ellis says:

Might be a bit basic, but I love the ending to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so much

Big E Gaming and More says:

The Giver has a terrible ending in my opinion, but other readers have told me they love the ending

Jessica Kosf says:

I read a book in January about how Peter Pan is now viewed as a mythical figure and the deeper underlying psychological trauma surrounding his character… It was so good ❤
"The eternal child is first and foremost a negation of childhood as a negation of what being a human (being) truly means." (You cannot be fully human without growing up/evolving)
"To deny the passing of time is to deny birth in itself, and is ultimately self-destruction." (On Captain Hook and his relationship with death). (This is a book in French and I've freely translated these quotes)

Loved The Picture of Dorian Gray and I want to read it again and analyze it better!
I've been wanting to read Animal Farm for a long time, I don't know what I'm waiting for! And now you made me want to read Rebecca, Tess of d'Uberville (that I can read in French, awesome!) and Mistborn. Maybe the Remnant Chronicles, I'll try it out.
I'm not attracted at all to Stephen King though. I'm not into horror and supernatural things happening in books. I might however be way off with that impression.

Roy Batterham says:

Thomas Hardy was as English as Shakespeare and Dickens.

Doug Farley says:

You would love the ending to SK “The Mist” and “The Dark Tower”

Cami Rivera says:

The Peter Pan book cover is so pretty

eternal fire13 says:

I read animal farm in school and it is surprisingly good

Zillion X says:

Fairly new to Kings book but wants to give an opinion about it. At the same time destroying the ppl who reads his books for a gazillion number of years, because she’s right and everybody else’s is wrong. Sounds legit for me.

Rainbow Cake says:

i hated the ending to animal farm, it just felt like it ended where it started, in my opinion the plot went nowhere but no hate. it was still a good book and love what ya love and all that nice stuff

Dave Casey says:

You'll like King's endings until you read The Mist. I'm not sure how he could even call that an ending. The movie had a great ending, though quite tragic, but the novel didn't even come close. And I think the ending to The Institute is a mess. Some of it didn't make any sense whatsoever.

Ben Kaan says:

Merphy, have you ever read Peter and the Starcatchers? Since you like Peter Pan so much, just curious if you also liked that book?

Cody H. says:

I’d say that one my favorite book series the Magisterium series lands it’s endings so well all the way up until the fourth book. Books 1-4 had great amazing endings. Book 5 in general looked like Holly black and Cassandre Clare just didn’t know how to wrap up the series. Book 5 felt rushed and had a plot twist I’m still mad about. In my head canon book 4 was the last book and in book 4 epilogue didn’t exist. In my brain book 5 does not exist at all. Book 5 also resurrected a dead character which annoyed me. Book 5 adds a little interesting lore but nothing else

Jessica Saccone says:

Thank you for the insight on The Remnant Chronicles. I tried the first book and put it down pretty early on because of the main character. I'll give it another try.

Sylvia Hoffmann says:

I recently watched your video with tips on how to enjoy audiobooks, because I’ve never been able to. In that video you mentioned an audiobook that was voiced by the actor of Lucius Malfoy, and so I decided to give it a listen since it wasn’t that long, without even reading the synopsis, and OH MY GOD. A monster calls left me literally sobbing while doing dishes last night. 😅 Talk about a good ending! As a mom and someone who lost their parent to cancer, that story just hit me in so many different ways. It was truly amazing. So thank you so much for recommending that book! I’ll have to try out some more of your recommendations. So glad I found your channel

Saira Juarez says:

Im with you i love some of Kings endings and im a huge King fan. I love them becuase they never end happy sometimes life isent happy.


On an unrelated note, when I read Animal Farm, I suddenly remembered something I read :” Sometimes, a rebellion can become a dictatorship if you let it grow without gardening it.”

CL Williams says:

Tragedies r my life, my soul, my story. Which is y I love writing them.

Dawn Schoonover says:

I loved Animal Farm, and I think it does such a good job of showing the more human (lol) side of the Russian Revolution than what you get out of text books. And the American education system definitely frames it was the beginning of Evil Communism that led to the Cold War. But hands down this book should be taught at the same time that you're learning about the Russian Revolution. It is SO COOL to learn about the people who are the animals, the actual real life events and speeches that Orwell did such a magnificent job of recreating on Animal Farm.

Louisa Coote says:

Tess of the D’Urbervilles was written by a British author, Thomas Hardy, so not French or translated!

KTsBookishEscape says:

I also loved the ending of Pet Semetary too

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