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Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the books! You guys are fantastical unicorns of fantasticalness!! (What did that even mean?…)

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Sasha Alsberg
PMB 114
825 Waukegan Rd. A8
Lake Forest, IL


Instagram: @sashaalsberg, @theshadowhunters & @fandomsnews
Twitter: @sashaalsberg
KIK: @theshadowhunters


Sawera Dedar says:

I don't want to spoil it for you but well, GOT is one of those unfortunate best fiction series to exist on eart whose books are actually not "out of the world." I picked up the first one and couldn't make it to the end. There are so many characters and the author keeps shifting from one to another. The books are really really dragged. You might like it though so good luck!


How were none of the books repeated..?

AvrilOfficial Vlogz says:

OMG Your My Birthday Twin I'm March 24 OML First Time!!!!

Artful Artist for fun says:

My dad bought me books on my 17th birthday too~ Books are the best birthday gifts ever

Laney Medberry says:

Anybody else get the Olivia holt add 😷

xxFrostbite 746 xx says:

I really really love your videos and I have a list of books to get from some of your recommendation videos and other people's and it's over 300 well actually 500 dollars because I added a lot more so if you have any more recommendations please tell me I'm kaylee_746 on instagram and did I mention I really love your videos

ashlyn jae says:

Lucky, lucky, LUCKY! My birthday is five days after yours and I'm so excited to get MORE BOOKS😆😆😆

Sasha says:

As im watching all of your videos I am going to goodreads and putting all the books you like in "want to read". Eccept most of them i already read…so…yeah. Thanks for these awesome videos!

NeonLight says:

I'm on the second storm of swords book for game of thrones, absolutely loving it

Greenstar says:


zzz EDDIE zzz says:

she was 17 HERE? I'm 17 and I look like a 12 year old potato compared to her.

jason Acevedo says:

can you put the book list in the description please

Reading Freinds says:

happy birthday 😁

Amber Jerome says:

I totally frikkin agree that all books should have a pretty inside cover. Lol. Random

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