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Thank you so much to Tor/Forge for sponsoring this video!
American Drifter is now available in stores and online if you’d like to check it out:

Books Mentioned:

-The Sun and Her Flowers
-All The Crooked Saints
-The Bear and the Nightingale
-Night of Cake and Puppets
-An Enchantment of Ravens
-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated
-The Invasion of the Tearling
-The Female of the Species
-The Ship Beyond Time
-The Crowns Game
-10 Things I Can See From Here
-The Bane Chronicles
-Love Life and the List
-More About Jane Austen
-Ender’s Game
-From the Two Rivers
-Wild Cards
-Old Man’s War
-Six Months, Three Days, Five Others
-Strange the Dreamer
-The Astonishing Color of After
-The Belles
-The Language of Thorns
-Wild Beauty
-Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
-I Capture the Castle
-Secrets for the Mad

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Flower Fields says:

I just finished Wither by Lauren Destafano

Flower Fields says:

I pretty much prefer hard cover books. They just look so much nicer

Dymen Torres says:

you are so cool

jjnewbold says:

Please review Ender's Game! It's my The Night Circus (favorite book that I'm constantly recommending!)

Sarah Cole says:

I love your long book hauls!

Scottie Martin says:

Someone pls answer, do I have to have read the Smoke and Bone series to understand/enjoy Night of Cake and Puppets? I’m really not a fan of reading trilogies but I love the cover and title of that book. Thanks 🙂

lestay40 says:

Thanks for your video! I would love your other copy of Wild Beauty if you give it away. Thanks!

bribookish / brianne says:

magnus bane my LOVE

YamiAtemYugi says:

I have both Strange The Dreamer and Muse of Nightmares and read them both in a day. Having the audiobook as well as the physical book may have helped. I didn't really start to like the story until Lzlo met Sarai before I found it interesting if not a little boring.

I think I ended up reading Muse of Nightmares in around 3 maybe 4 hours. Thank you for recommending The Night Circus, Children of Blood and Bone, The Hazel Wood, Strange The Dreamer and Muse of Nightmares. I greatly enjoyed all of them.

Lara Adhmann says:

Hannah saying “Rio de Janeiro” was sooooo sweet! Love her❤️🇧🇷

Noor Ahmad says:

I'm actually trying to buy every book you mention in your videos because I love them & really want read more books 😁

Sarah Payne says:

One tree hill broke me as a person😂

Capri Blue says:

Have you read the 39 clues??????

TheSelkie1990 says:

I Capture the Castle is my all time favorite!! I have a first edition from 1948. It took me forever to find just a paperback copy at first. I got the last one they had at the store before. I want the edition you showed now! It's a good movie too. Great cast.

Nathaniel Luscombe says:

I hate synopses in these videos.

R V says:

Ok I LOVE Kasie West I'm a huge fan of her book By Your Side

Natalie Holmes says:

you should review the red queen series!!!! love your videos!

Isa Bel says:

You look absolutely lovely! Love your channel💖

Gabbs _Giss says:

I just wanted to say… i love your eyebrows

MiMi says:

I just finished The Bear and the Nightingale and i LOVED IT I could put it down and can’t wait to read the next one. I have both UK and US covers but can’t decide which series has the best covers any suggestions 😅

Micheal Specie says:

i personally think the best chad michael murry movie is when he played as jamie tworkoski in the film adaptation of to write love on her arms

Amanda A. says:

I love enders game please let me know what you think!! In your words "it destroyed me"

Amanda A. says:

Girl I wanted to say this on your Sunday ice cream video but your gorgeous! I love the new haircut

Sterre Vlendré says:

Does someone happen to know a site like BookOutlet where the worldwide shipping is cheaper?? Because I really love BookOutlet and books, but I live in Europe and the shipping costs 80 dollars😬😬

Katelynn Johnson says:

People who love shopping for books online should try ThriftBooks! They sell used books for really cheap (usually for around $4) and they also have free shipping in the US after $10! I buy most of my books here and have for years, I’ve only been disappointed a few times by the condition, they’re really great!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Kerr McKeesick says:

Did you ever read a series of unfortunate events and what did you think of them?? It’s my absolute favourite series ever and contains some of my all time favourites and I want to find out what you thought of it

Aphrodite Khan says:

Is there any copyright issue on book reviews if I show book in video and review about it

Coco Day says:

This makes me UNBELIEVABLY happy 😊💗

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