Must Read SCIENCE FICTION Books [Modern]

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These 5 books are quintessential, mandatory, staples when it comes to modern science fiction literature. Read them…or die!
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5 Must Read Modern Sci-fi Books:
Ender’s Game:
Station Eleven:
Red Rising:
The Martian:
Leviathan Wakes:

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Chris W says:

I’d say the 80s and forward can comfortably be considered modern sci-fi, so I agree with you. Sci-fi writing changed quite a bit in the 1980s. I’m old, I was there lol

Michelle Peacock says:

Looking for something modern. Finished all of Dune. Finished all of Hyperion. Waiting for A Fire Upon the Deep, but I know I’ll tear through that series too. I need to buy ahead of time. Because when I finish something and have nothing to pick up immediately after, I have withdrawal symptoms.

Richard Barclay says:

I agree about Ender's Game begin in this list, I consider it to be the first modern sci fi book really.

SherlockHomeless says:

"you must or else you die" 😀

trisha's inattentive says:

loved enders game, it was one of my first sci fi books that i read. i do recommend though that people buy it used since the author is adamantly homophobic. thiftbooks is a good site for this!

Ivo Louro says:

Children of Time should be in the list… It's a remarkable modern sci fi novel! One of the best.

Larry Has Opinions says:

just found your channel, i loved station eleven and the martian, looks like we have very similar taste, i'd definitely recommend children of time, great list! 🙂

Mike Salnikov says:

Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth are amazing. Granted, Gideon is more reminiscent of fantasy, but the second one is a very cool sci-fi world. And the characters and their voices that author does are just magnificent. The atmosphere is there from start to finish, and the things Munier does in the second book…. Almost as cool as Quantum Thief. And Quantum Thief is just the best modern sci-fi book period

Book Invasion says:

Ooof I was on the struggle us for Station Eleven and I didn’t enjoy it. I would replace that with something like Dark Matter, Old Man’s War or The Humans (though not as popular). But I absolutely agree with the other selections. Nice job!

Hans Hansen says:

Nice Video! Thx very much! 🙂 Here is one of my favorite Sci-Fi Books
(from 2020): The trilogy: "The Ungerdround Complex – Vol.1 Groomy
Future, Vol 2. Demons of the Dark Past and Vol.3 Torn Present",
available on amazon. Very dark and exciting!


Enders game one of my favs, and the martian is on my TBR pile right now as well as the expanse

Brendon Wagner says:

Great list. Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time, to me, is a modern classic

Books Rebound says:

I thought of another one that feels like a MUST read. It's a similar vibe to The Martian but much better, much longer, and with the biggest twist even for part 3 of the book. Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. You have to read it.

The moon breaks. Nobody knows how or why but one night it shatters into 7 pieces. And now it's a countdown to annihilation. You see, the pieces are banging into each other, breaking of more and more pieces in an exponential cascade that will in 2yrs time lead to something dubbed "the hard rain" that will destroy all life on earth in an extinction event. The book follows a scientist, an astronaut and more as they try to convince the world of the threat. The story is told in 3 parts. 1 tells of the 2yrs of humanity coming together in a massive initiative to at least send SOME of their people into space to survive. Seeing all the innovations the author dreamed up is AMAZING. Part 2 tells the story of these remnants of humanity now living in space and having to troubleshoot all the problems that undoubtedly arise. And part 3 is something I cannot spoil but it was a wacky turn of events and I LOVED it.

It's amazing. Neal Stephenson is truly a brilliant SF author with such fresh (and very intellectual) ideas that he's honestly just a joy to read. Daniel Greene has a review of Anathem for example and you can see how wacky that is. Or Crypronomicon is a great one.

Himanshu Giri Goswami says:

I will read the other books after reading all of the Enderverse Books.

FIT 2B READ says:

Great video and good selections

Jeszika Le Vye says:

Great list! The expanse series was some of the most fun reading I've had in a long time! And of course Enders Game is fantastic as well. 🙂 I've never read station 11 or red rising but am found to go grab a copy now to check out – so ty for the suggestion! Of all of these, I think Martian is the only one that I'm not super excited about. So many people love it but for some reason it was a miss for me. I didn't hate it, but just found it a little too grounded for my taste I think. It's always interesting to see how tastes can overlap and diverge 🙂

Saied Ali says:

You may have just sold me on Station Eleven…

Gray De says:

I’ve heard so many great things about Station Eleven! Also have Red Rising on my tbr can’t wait to get to it!! Nice video!

Books Rebound says:

I'd say A Memory Called Empire. It won the Hugo last year and it's brilliant

Alicia Laux says:

Still trying to find a series that will make me feel anything close to what the Red Rising trilogy did to me.

Did you enjoy the two books released of the second trilogy? I’ve yet to read them because I’m afraid they will disappoint.

MrRorosuri says:

' but we don't talk about that' 🤣🤣🤣. yeah the movie is a travesty

MrRorosuri says:

looking sharp , dustin 😎

MrRorosuri says:

i hope to read red rising this year

MrRorosuri says:


97 lima says:

i have red rising and the expanse in my tbr. my neverending tbr

JeremyFee says:

Great video. I didn't realize Ender's Game was 1985, but I love the story, as well as Red Rising and The Martian. I need to read Station Eleven and the Expanse series. I just recently got the full expanse series in the mail, so that should help me get to it at some point this year.

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