#MoveTheNeedle With VS #2 – Comic Book Review + Listen To My New Sci-Fi Story Idea…DISPLACERS

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NucleaRaptor says:

Alright, so I bought the first two issues of VS on mah boi Zach's recommendation.

It's OK.

The art does an excellent job of bringing the setting to life, and I do enjoy the little bits of character development between fights, but these are few and far between. The majority of running time is the battles in the arena or whatever.

The problem with battles is the they're hard to follow. I think Zach might have a bit of an advantage here (having been in actual firefights), but it's a series of rapid cuts of dudes doing… things, shooting somewhere off-panel and getting gunned down themselves, and half the time, it's hard to tell what team they're even on. Normally, that's why you'd have some kinda uniforms or at least team colors, but that goes out the window when you heave a rag-tag bunch of mercenaries running around.

I'll still pick up issue 3 when it comes out, but I think Zach might have oversold this one a little.

mandalore the angry says:

the at looks cool

Anthium Discord says:

So when does Zach hire that writer we all like, Richard (who ever that is) to write Nega, a story about a secret society of Nega-humans who want to destroy society and make it in their image, only one member is so Nega he just wants to destroy everything and becomes the inadvertent hero?

NutNapalm says:

10:00 RE: the Displaced

First of all, Transmetropolitan did address this idea of "time reservations" at one point. You should check it out.

What about people from the recent past? Some Futurist from the 50's or 60's or hell even the 80's seeing the world having changed in ways he couldn't have imagined. Also what happens to people who do adapt? Who decide, for whatever reason, they love the future?

In order to make this work, lets say that these people were going to die for whatever reason in their original timeline and were "rescued" by god, aliens, time-travelers, or whoever, and were catapulted ahead. This raises the inevitable question – why them and not someone else?

It would probably be best if the timeskip didn't make them travel to different locations too. Having someone from ancient sumeria in modern manhattan might be fun once, but if you have people from the same countries seeing their own future instead, it gives more room for character development. So the Visigoth would be in modern Madrid, for instance. We'd get a whole bunch of Indians, probably.

No celebrities or other famous people get brought ahead.

Spambot says:

Dude, DnC, great story setting idea at the end there. All kinds of cool conflicts could result there, imagine the struggle they'd have with placing people from the mysterious dark ages of humanity. People from largely misunderstood periods in history could totally play the system to their advantage too.

Eric B says:

Combat scenes reminded me of 12 strong. Awesome movie

Claw, PhD says:

I really like your idea, reminds me of the TNG episodes where the holo-deck is on the fritz and the crew gets trapped in some crazy situation where they have to resolve the problem using methods from the era. There's SO many options you could run with! Gah that would make such a cool "flavor of the week" series where each chapter follows a different path, and how the individual reacts and develops, such a great idea!!!

Kathleen Doris says:

Out of all your pitches, Displacers is by far the worst. It is confusing and has way too much going on. Maybe don't have literally all time periods coming to current year. Just have one time portal open in like 1821 that people keep falling into to a strange scary modern world where they are immeadiately captured then put into an internment camp and told everyone they know is dead. that way you can limit the scope to current year vs 1 time period instead of every time period. Also, current year people can treat the 'displaced' people like they were animals in a zoo and go to the displaced zones to laugh at them (like how pygmies would be kidnapped and put in zoos or carnivals in the 1800s).

John Smith says:

In your story you say all these people come from the past. But what if one day they get a few displaced people from the future? Or even just for maybe just one

Ethan b05 says:

Really like your idea

Within Cells Interlinked says:

Re: Your story idea, here are my thoughts:
– The idea is a good one, but is too broad. It really needs to be focused. Pick one, maybe two time periods to focus on, with a central character from one of the time reservations. And there needs to be a better explanation as to why there are these time reservations to begin with. Maybe certain historians have a vested interest in them? Maybe corporations see a potential cash cow? And maybe those two groups clash.
– Why does someone who goes to the time rez have to abide by the rules and era-accurate clothing 100%? The people there already know they’re out of their own time, and it’s not like screwing something up in the past would ruin the future. But maybe that could be a point of conflict in the story, especially for the higher ups. Certain rules could be abided by, though. Like you can’t interfere with a public execution no matter how barbaric you think it is.
– I definitely like the idea that some people will revel in living in certain time periods. Could be an interesting commentary on our primal desires vs civilization.
– If there’s a corporation or various corporations in charge of these zones, then they’ll want to protect their paying customers somehow, kinda similar to Westworld.
– If this is worldwide, people who go to many of these reservations will need some kind of universal translator.
– How long have these reservations existed? Has it been a generation at the start of your story, and there are people who have never ventured outside their zone?

whomst'd've says:

I feel like this idea could get into cornball territory very quickly if the cultures being displayed aren't intricate/well-researched. It'd fall quickly into "cowboys vs aliens" territory where you're mashing up one stereotype vs another.

MrNoNameSoldier says:

Ok I do know of a very similar idea from the book transmetropolitan. They had time reservations in that one, only everyone was from current day, they just had there memories tweaked so that they thought they were in that time frame.

Evil Means says:

I feel like the idea is too close to Westworld.

It’s also pretty complicated to execute, I think.

Liko Natera says:

"Displicers" is a great concept. I would study 3 concepts to flesh it out : Westworld. The Truman Show and Dark City. The minds behind these Rerserves HAVE to be other than Human. All the reserves should be something far more sinister than Tourist attractions.

PaterTenebrarum1 says:

You can be sure the post war era will one day be romanticized as the „good old days“.

PaterTenebrarum1 says:

Great idea your time reservations…..

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