Memoirs of a Geisha Movie Review

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Sony Pictures/Dream Works Studios
-starring Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Watanabe, Suzuka Ohgo, Gong Li,
& Youki Kudoh.

Directed by : Rob Marshall.

-Released on December 9th, 2005.

KING Kansas Movie Review Recommendation # 32.

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Opaque z says:

this is perhaps my favorite movie ever.
people be like raving about "lawrence of arabia" the cinematograhpy is good but the landscape does the job for the cinematographer, the story is so boring i could fell asleep.

while memoirs of a geisha is just amazing from the story to the music, perfomance, cinematography, i wish it was longer than 2 hours and 30 minutes

Tinyfată says:

I saw the film years ago. Loved it. Yes, the book was better, but the film was a quality piece of work. I had difficulty at first believing the book was written by a man. These female characters felt too real to me. But maybe I was being sexist towards male authors. I should've given him more credit. I should mention the film was less of a period piece and more of a realistic fairy tale. I listened to the commentary on the DVD and they mentioned points where they purposely made some historically inaccurate choices for the sake of art, and for a more fairy tale quality.

Victory19 says:

While the production design and cinematography, music score were great I felt the film overall didn’t have that emotional punch that the novel did. I think also while the acting was pretty good, the English from Ziyi Zhang and Gong Li (Sayuri and Hatsumomo) was often distracting as English is not their native language and it was kind of distracting. Overall it’s a good film but for me personally this is a very Hollywood adaptation of the story.

vegakvd says:

Definitly a underrated gem, I loved this film.

the Movie Throne says:

Have you seen this Must See Movie? If you have what are your thoughts?

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