Memoirs of a Geisha: Book & Movie Review

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A beautiful story, a wonderful book, an amazing movie… I´ve loved Memoirs of a Geisha for years, and I just had to review it and share it with you all!! 😀

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The MegaNintenBro says:

Watched half of this movie in my Japanese Culture class and this video helped me on my assignment with it! Thanks!

Winston Peldon says:

You deserve more subscribers! You are now my favorite! I can relate to you when you were talking about how you were just getting used to reading books in English because I was born in Heilongjiang, China. When I was around 3 years old I was able speak Mandarin Chinese pretty well, but then our family moved to France and then I had to learn French so it was really hard for me to learn English. So once I had a good grip on English my first novel that I ever read was memoirs of a geisha. You did a very good job on explaining the book without spoiling it!

Emily's Reading Adventures says:

This sounds like a good book to read/ movie to watch. Thanks for making the review! 😄

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