Magic of Thinking Big – Full Audio book

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How to Work For Yourself says:

2 FREE Audiobooks when you try Audible for 30 day free trial: (Amazon)

.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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Srey Neang says:

This book is truly magic of thinking! This book is really inspiring me to rethinking about everything even from the past and the future. I’ll listen to it again and notes to inspire others too. Thank You Sir

Empower Your Pattern 2.0 says:

Amazing! I really need to do a fresh reread of this book

Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés says:


Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés says:


Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés says:



Thank you 🙏

Nice Hoby says:

14:18 chapter 1: believe you can succeed and you will.
46:09 chapter 2: cure your self from excusitis.
1:32:05 chapter 3: build confidence and destroy fear.
2:22:12 chapter 4: how to think BIG
3:08:40 chapter 5: how to think and dream creatively
3:56:50 chapter 6: you are what you think you are.
4:34:10 chapter 7: Manage your environment.
5:12:00 chapter 8: make your attitudes your allies.
6:02:35 chapter 9: think right towards people.
6:38:40 chapter 10: get the action habit.
7:22:04 chapter 11: how to turn defeat into victory.
7:54:22 chapter 12: use goals to help you grow
8:37:25 chapter 13: how to think like a leader.
9:22:56 Summary
By Azizou Timmy His video

Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés says:


Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés says:


DeviANZe says:

334 comment.

Valeria Montserrat Galicia Cortés says:


Nathaniel Haslem says:

I got a 9-5 now but I'm becoming a entrepreneur thinking my way out of the 9-5.

R C says:

I’m 24 and I’m changing my mindset and I want to contribute something to the world and build my own empire for the people that is starting it’s never been too late follow your passion and think positivity backing action and vision and never ending patience you can do anything in this world has to offer. I will update you guys
In 5 years 🙏🏻

aydadans says:

My personal tracking
1- 1:05:00

Nickolay Blagoev says:

If this was read by Morgan Freeman it would make me a believer.

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