M Train by Patti Smith (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of M Train by Patti Smith, a memoir.

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fredo gumbo says:

I enjoy your reviews and have read Just Kids and bought M Train off the back of them. Keep up the good work!

Joshua Logan says:

Own your sadness.

TBOMD says:

I enjoyed M Train even more than Just Kids. I find her daily life of going to cafes more interesting than her past life of hanging out with Robert Mapplethorpe. But both are 5 star books for me.

Chris Cipollini says:

Patti Smith has enriched my life in ways I cannot tell you. She has opened my mind to poetry, art, the literary greats and enjoying the simplicity of life-from a picture to a memory to a cup of coffee. Patti is good for the soul. Great review!

paraplyen says:

I was nervous to watch your review because I recently bought this book as Just Kids is one of my all time favourites as well. I was worried you wouldn't like this. And actually, usually I wait to watch review videos until after I've read the book myself, but this time I couldn't help myself. I loved hearing your review and can't wait to start reading it.

Agustina Rodriguez says:

Hi, i want to ask you a question, it's been a log time since want to read just kids and i was wondering if it's important to read it in english (i speak spanish), she being a poet and a songwriter.
great review!!

WeLiveforBooks says:

I haven't read this yet, because of my "Just Kids" love. I'm really looking forward to reading it because it sounds like it is so different then "Just Kids". The idea of her gushing over her favourite things sounds amazing. You probably have seen it, but there is a beautiful documentary called "Dream of Life" about her. If you have seen it, what do you think? Thank you for an excellent review!

eternalsunshine says:

I usually watch youtube videos whilst doing something else like tidying my room etc but when it comes to your videos, I have to sit down and pay attention. Your videos are always insightful and my fav!

Hardcover Hearts says:

Thank you for a thoughtful review. I absolutely loved it and found her style deceptively simple. While it seems like she is just randomly pulling at threads, you get pulled along and if you can let go to the form, the insights and emotion you can experience will pay you back, imho. I found it so open, vulnerable and honest that it almost broke my heart a bit. And I will also be rereading it through the years.

Emily Wilkerson says:

What a coincidence that you're putting up this video now! I finally picked up Just Kids this past week and I am loving it thus far.

lindsanity says:

just started this book yesterday, glad to see you liked it! Also definitely watch the killing i'm soo hooked on it!

Cecilia says:

I was dying to see your review of this book. I discovered Just Kids through your channel and surprisingly enough for me it became one of my favourites of all time. Not to mention how much it inspired me and put me in a mid-twenties crisis from which I did not recover yet.
I was very skeptical about M Train for the same reasons you were, but now I can finally buy it and read it with a smile on my face. Sometimes my expectations for a book ruin the actual experience of reading it, so now that I'm not completely pessimistic about it, I might be able to read it and do it justice (I hope). Great video as always!!! Love from Brazil 🙂

Wordsareflesh says:

I agree entirely 🙂

Nick Munoz says:

Speaking of murakami, fo you plan on reviewing any more of his books?

L Hollenbeck says:

I want to read it soooooooo bad! I read just kids and i felt in love with her again.

TissTheReader says:

woah so adding it to my tbr-list

Valentina García says:

I was in awe after reading Just Kids because of your recommendation and will definitely be picking this one, I had no idea that it came up so recently! thanks again for letting me know. Would you say it is a depressive read? because I just came up from diving into the Bell Jar and wow that was a difficult read because of some personal issues, I ended up loving the book anyway but I'm not sure I'm ready for another take down.

BookParadise says:

Interesting book! Ill have to add that to my list, thank you for this video! Sounds awesome:) Narrative style is one of my favorite as well:)

Maxwell Dunn says:

great review! i think you illuminated a lot of the 'issues' (i use that term loosely because i still enjoyed it a lot) with the book. i felt the non-linear fashion made her experiences hard to feel while reading, which was not the case i had with Just Kids. but i like the perspective that it will become more important with age, because i see how this is Smith writing from a very different perspective and towards a different self in M Train. regardless, i love her so SO much. and i'm really glad you introduced me to her work!

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