Love, Simon: Top 10 Differences Between the Book & Movie

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Love, Simon: Top 10 Differences Between the Book & Movie // Subscribe:

This movie adaptation was pretty loyal to the book, but there are some differences! For this list, we’re looking at all the ways in which the film adaptation differs from its source material, “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”. The book’s author has said that it’s faithful to her original story, but we’ll be itemizing both major and minor differences. Because we’ll be delving deep into the story, there will definitely be spoilers!

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Caitriona Quigley says:

I adored this book and movie so much! It was so refreshing to finally see a teen movie entirely focused on an LGBT romance, and not simply as a side story, which is common in this genre!😊💟🌈

Felix Busch says:

Nice 👍 but why is this a msmojo video ? Being gay isn’t just something for girls.

Tina McKee says:

I speed-read the book before seeing the movie when it first came out, then got the dvd for my birthday (close to the release date) then watched it a few times and it was on last night. Then I thought about this video… Point is, from reading the comments, there are a few things I think I missed from the book and I need to go back. I love everything about the film adaptation! Sorry for my rant.

Someone says:

What about Ethan’s character? In the book, Simon is the only gay guy (until he meets blue) so the bullying from the two guys is more direct and it becomes more of a solitary experience for Simon.

tj troy says:

2 things I can't figure out. After watching the movie on HBO, I had 2 unanswered questions. 1) who is Dana? When Simon is on the ferris wheel, the girl say "where's Dana, she'll love this". 2) In the final bedroom scene, simon snaps up a paper from his printer ans deposits it downstairs on his way out the door. What was that paper?
I ordered the book to try to find the answers … no luck. I ordered the DVD so I could see the deleted scenes, again to try to find the answers… no luck. Anyone have any Ideas?

Spicy Biscuit says:

Book Cal had such a large part in the book, and he was Bi and potentially had a crush on Simon too ("Call casually mentions he's bisexual. And maybe we should hang out sometime" and thr amount of times Cal blushes by him).
Why didn't he have a bigger part in the film? Simon was 99.9% convinced it was him, and theres so many scenes with Cal where Simon seems to be falling in love with him (only to find out that hes not blue). Did they really erase most of his parts for the waffle house guy?

Ardyn Van Note says:

Well, the two big things I didn't like about the movie that was different from the book is:
Just the "suttle" detail changes of making them older and Leah liking Simon ruin the chances of the second book even being a movie. I loved that book, but I honestly don't care if it would be turned into movie or not. It just upsets me that they didn't make that whole plot even possible in this "universe."

Gwen Starr says:

I’m only upset about one thing and that is that they made Leah skinny like she is a fat character and she’s okay with it and that’s AWESOME but no they made her stereotypical and skinny

Mayeoli22 says:

I love this video, it's pretty great. But I do have a bit of a minor complaint. Maybe it's personal preference, but I felt emotional whiplash with your use of emotional scenes that are interrupted by voice over. Idk it just feels weird cutting them half way and then continuing with them and then cutting them again. Like you can't fully process these emotionally charged scenes like the exhale scene with Simon's mom and Simon's dad telling him he wouldn't change anything about him. It's just something I observed. Sorry to be nit-picky.

Alessandra ratto says:

Didn't like the movie at all.

Onifade Wale says:

In the movie, they made Bram more Conspicuous ( I mean he hosted a party and had more interactions with Simon) which I hated, instead of him being the “Cute Bram Greenfeld, of the soft eyes and soccer calves."

Grete Kr. says:

In the books Simon also thinks Leah loves Nick. In "Leah on the offbeat" some crushes of Leah from the past are revealed… I don't think she was into Nick or Simon at the time the story set place

Aneena says:

I like the film but nit as much as the book. Book has lot of good part that is missed in film.

Sub to Pewdiepie says:


Imani Rivera says:

I want to see it but i dont have it or have hulu anymore😭 someone help me out plz

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