Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2021 #witchesdatebook2021

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Full flip through of the newest Witches Datebook for 2021 from Llewellyn Worldwide.
#datebook2021 #planner2021


Astrid Vos says:

wel done! thanks

Jessika Bedolla says:

Thank you so much for the in depth look at the planner! Definitely buying 🥰 also I love your voice it’s very soothing ❤️

Kathy Aleman says:

Thank you so much for this review. I have been looking for what witchy planner I want for next year. This is a great video. I will get my self a copy. Blessed be 😄

Roopa Dudley says:

I just got mine today. I am over the Moon. My 2020 hardly has anything in it as all my appointments were canceled due to Covid-19. Just now using it again to finish the year as life is slowly becoming normal.

Sirius Heka says:

Thanks for sharing this- I forgot to order mine this year

catWmagick says:

Ohhhhhhh! I need to get mine soon! I love these date books! LMFAO @ cast spell on SM! haha! And yes I have colored ones with cats lol I didn't get one for 2020 either hmmm. xxx

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