Kareena Kapoor's Pregnancy Notes | Rujuta Diwekar | Book Review #22

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Rujuta Diwekar has always set a lot of things straight about the Indian Diet through her books, ‘Lose Your Weight, Not Your Mind’ or ‘Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha’ and now, she teams up again with Kareena Kapoor Khan to write a book on the best diets to follow before, during and after pregnancy, titled ‘Pregnancy Notes’.

Not only does Rujuta emphasize on a healthy diet, but also gives a lot of importance to an active lifestyle and strength training for ensuring a hassle free delivery. She maintains that a woman should first take care of herself to be able to take care of the family.

In a special personal note by Kareena Kapoor Khan, she mentions how she has been body shamed by people, who called her ‘fat’ over the internet even though she had just delivered a baby. She emphasizes how people can be insensitive towards how you look and tells mothers to ignore any such feedback and only concentrate on leading a healthy life.

For weight loss after pregnancy, both Rujuta and Kareena give a lot of importance to strength training and maintain then weights are necessary to improve the bone density of a woman and to prevent osteoporosis. Unlike the popular belief, weights, do not bulk women up.

We made a video, where we interviewed 2 wonderful women, one of whom is a mother and both of them endorse strength training for being fit and losing weight. You can check out that YouTube video by clicking here: https://youtu.be/2e33a8fN4TQ

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Malepati Jayanth says:

This is not for boys or both

Rachita Girish says:

Actually the “fresh food” concept is given importance in Ayurveda too and also a lot on slow-cooking methods. Unfortunately fresh cooked food is a luxury nowadays for working professionals, atleast try to eat very fresh meals during the post partum maternity leave. The way body processes this kind of food is actually different.

Speak in English with Shyma says:

The way of talking…. Really awesome.

Archana Jn says:

Are you pregnant ???

Priyanka Ingale says:

Luv ur videos…

Sipra Dash says:

Such a great video mam

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Hello maggi

Anwesha Kundu says:

Its really awesomebook..i followed during my 2nd pregnancy got result..
And being an m.sc in nutrition i know tht ur body hormones stores future food, immunities, nutrients etc during ur pregnancy..gluteous tissues are main storage area of a woman..even baby haves the 1st colostrum milk aft delivery,is synthesyzed before 3months in ductyle system by your body😯..so we are special😇..cheap people,with flat stomach have fat in their brain..😋😀
Aur sach kaho to duniya in hi logo se chalti hai..educated but paralysed in brain..😏😤

Captain Keyur says:

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Meenu Sharma says:

Lovely review


Hai..Suggest me some good books like this…

Moumita Banerjee says:

Hi dear . Nice video and good information . Can you make some videos of strength training which we can do at home with dumbbell

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