Journey to Avalon || Book Reviews

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I’m getting a new mic, so please excuse the terrible audio.

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Really Madnomad says:

The visual absolutely could not get any better. You've hit a sweet spot with the camera and lighting. With a top-notch microphone, your videos would be no less than SUPERB.

adline says:

Bruh im binge watching merlin on Netflix and now this appears 😂

jessica gee says:

Love these book reviews it really makes me think about books I need to read ! I really want to do shadow work 🙂

Kate J says:

always really love these review videos, especially since youre playing with it with that dramatic intro oml

nikki smith says:

could you make a video about meditation?? i’m a brand new baby witch and i wanna start by connecting to stuff, but i don’t know what to connect to.

Lisa Jemus says:

So excited that Jhenah's two books came in your box! I am a member of Sisterhood of Avalon which is a community that Jhenah is the Morgen of. It is incredible and we work the Cycle of Healing and the Cycle of Revealing throughout the year in community. These two books are like our guides in this process. It is a very scholarly focused work. You can check out the S.O. A. here

Upon the Path says:

At 8:29 you mention wanting an audio version of the meditations in this book. They can be found here

Kathleen Garrett says:

Where to do you get your headbands?! Thank you for the reviews. They help me with determining which books to get.

Bettina Kreissl Lonfat says:

Also check out the Cards "The Avalonian Oracle Cards" to complete your work with the circle of healing. Thist Avalon Sister greets you and send you many blessing for your day.

Joanna van der Hoeven says:

You can buy the audio versions of Jhenah's meditations through her website.

Crazy Blue says:

I neèeeed these books now! 😱 also don't mind me i'm just a small youtuber looking for supporters 🙂

Preeyomaan roy Chaudhury says:

This can actually be a great background for the teatime terrors

Preeyomaan roy Chaudhury says:

Nice Intro… that was really good…wow

jules rodriguez says:

The intro was so beautiful! This was a great book review, I think it was laid out very nicely and the information was easy to understand. I'll definitely be looking into these books 🙂

Jesús Pérez says:

Uuuu, gurl…that intro!!! 😱❤️🤩

Luna Fae says:

I LOVE these book reviews! 🖤 Also, love your necklace! Where did you get it??

Kitchen Witchery says:

I'm going to write a book… but… you have to be the voice reading it for the audio book version.

Shawna Johnson says:

I'm currently reading The Mythic Moons of Avalon, and I'm wondering if I need to purchase and read Avalon Within first you think? I'm pretty well versed in Avalonian history and folklore, so if it's just that then I could probably skip it. I agree that Moons does seem a bit repetitive and at times can get overly convoluted in the language, when a more straightforward method would have worked just fine imo. It's pretty incredible that the author basically invented this entire cycle working herself though, and I definitely want to use this method when I feel called to do more shadow work! I would've loved to have seen a few Avalonian rituals, spells, recipes, etc, but i do understand that her key focus here is shadow (aka inner psychological) work.

Barney Rubble says:

Interesting. Hope you are all ok over there in the States. Take care. 🦉🦉🦉

Flávia Aghata says:

I had to show my husband the thumbnail, because I am currently reading The Mists of Avalon and I've talking about that with him for like a month now! Unfortunately, this books are a little expansive in my currency now, but I am really glad you reviwed it, and I hope to be able to buy it soon!!
Thank you Olivia, your opinion about "witchy books" is really important to me 😊

Natacha Guyot says:

I love your book reviews so much!

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