Is the Paper Towns Movie Like the Book? Thoughts on Adaptations

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In which John discusses the Paper Towns movie adaptation, the idea of faithful adaptations, and the lost art of the movie novelization. Special attention is paid to the novelization of the film The Goonies.

Also, in a stunning turn of events, I find myself in an airport.
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Łucja K says:

I loved that Angela took part in the roadtrip, but the Whitman part was quite disappointing. I just wrote a chapter of my BA paper on the book and its dating back to transcendentalist ideas, but I still keep mixing up some plot elements from the movie vs the book. Oops 😅

Annchux says:

I read Paper Towns for the first time a few days ago and hontestly, the best book I've read ever. So glad I read it

Thot you would Never ask says:

I’m 5 seconds in and I already love this man

SVR272 says:

The movie was horrible.

Skeptic007 says:

John might be the only YouTuber I can't watch on 2x speed

Светлана Яковалева says:

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Glen Rowland says:

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RiptideV10 says:

Right. True to the fact that paper towns is different for every single person in their mental visualisation

TheDuffyMSGR64 says:

When reading a book, I usually imagine me as the main character (if it's a boy, if it's a girl, I use a female friend I know), and I imagine some of my friends and other people I know as the other characters.

Brandon Mc says:

Hopefully Looking for Alaska is made into a film within the next 10 years

Brandon Mc says:

The book and film are mostly similar but a few things were missed out which I would of liked to have seen, like Q and Margo going to Sea World at the beginning and I also thought the ending was too short when Q actually found Margo in that town.

HydroTHG says:

Who the hell is hank

Sarah Belle says:

Paper Towns was my favourite book in high school. It got me through such a dark time. <3

Ana Mandarić says:

0:38 You liar

danteelite says:

I just watched the film and plan on reading the book.. because I'm odd and kinda like John I guess because when I see book based movies I always make an effort to watch the film first and then read the book. Because the same thing that makes books amazing can also ruin a movie adaptation, like if my head-canon Katniss looked kinda like Kaya Scodelario and instead I see J Law, I messes with my head and takes much longer for me to connect with this "pretender" lol (True, HG are among the very few books I read before.) But if I see the film first, and then read the books there's no jarring disconnect, or sharply perceived differences.. I just see Katniss, and any changes are much easier to digest and cope with as I have a defined basis to work from and can fill in the rest with my imagination. Not to mention the habit started as a result of not having exposure to those kinds of chart topper or YA books because I'm mostly a comics guy.

Anyways, my point is that I totally get where John is coming from and think books and movies should have changes, because inner monologue is very hard to do well on film, and visual storytelling can be exhaustive in books because reading every detail can get tedious. So I like to enjoy them both, separately and book after movie so I get the best experience in my opinion. I'll never hate Cara Deleglvigne because she isn't my head-canon Margot or get angry because certain details were left out of the film. I like to enjoy the different perspectives they both offer.

Also I enjoy giving John my money twice ;D

The Improv Club says:


oknotok says:

Am I the only one who thinks he talks so fast?

LegoJamTrain567 says:

John really needs to sing "the people in the airport think that I am crazy" to lift his spirits.

Ben Watson says:

the ending in the book was so much better. movie was great, but ending sucked compared to the one in the book.

Nyere Howell says:

Somebody please tell me where was the movie Paper Towns filmed.

LegoMrAndy says:

The book is infinitely better

Lauren Cosentino says:

Movie Margo is different from book Margo in my opinion. I feel like Cara didn't get enough screen time and lines for me to get to know her character, which made the book and the movie seem like two different stories in a way. I really loved both of them though!!

Ruby Deleon says:

I'm 13 and I want to make my career as an author and an actress. I'm writting a book that I started a month ago and it's about mistery too.

Gabriel Schulz says:

gonnies never say die 🙂

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