Introduction to Alan Moore | 4 Graphic Novels & Their Movie Adaptations

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A long(ish) video where I introduce one of my favourite author and his works.

LoEG Annotations:

V for Vendetta:
From Hell:

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Sean Freeman says:

I like that mole on your face. It's pretty.

Bryan Solórzano Palma says:

Gran recomendación me encanta tu video eres bella

Spike says:

Alan Moore does comics. Graphics novels are not the same thing. They are only cousin mediums.

edonis2787 says:

"it is extremely violent… because it is dealing with prostitutes that are being murdered" LOL brilliant explanation

Cernunnos Wild says:

Even a watered down version of his work …still elevates consciousness.

Mr Temporal says:

Owen Wilson in an Alan Moore comic based movie

Oh god

Mr Temporal says:

Watchmen is also about heroes, leaders and power in general.

Cassandra Morrison says:

To be fair I have only just read FROM HELL. Yes, it is far superior to the movie we got. No, Sir William Gull (the doctor who originally diagnosed Anorexia Nervosa, among other things) was not Jack the Ripper. Nor did Victoria Regina order the murders in order to protect the reputation of her second son, the Duke of Clarence).

But as to Alan, yes, THE WATCHMEN might have actually pleased him a little if he had given it a chance (and taken the money they were offering him…but, he didn't…so there it is).
As for the rest…read Alan's books. Don't waste time on the movies.

edward lightbringer says:

Would love to see you get into Caitlin R. Kiernan. In particular, the short story collections as i think they are on a different level from her novels. But mabey you already don't like? Anyway, like your talks.

milster says:

It's funny how everyone, and I mean girls, say they don't like superhero, until it comes to Batman. So phony.

john boujie says:

You're hot

Bernard Mcgroary says:

You should read The Ballad of Halo Jones

Red-Son says:

What do you yhink of Providence?

Eli Eliazian says:

I think it's really telling that snyder comes from a background in advertising, on the discrepancy between the spirit of the comic watchmen, and its dour film version. I felt it was almost like small, slick vignettes for a forthcoming movie, with a more of a focus on perfecting his signature of violence porn, than character development or story. Snyder has also been castigated for, what some think, is a pro-american, imperialist agenda. I would go so far to call his stuff propaganda. With that being said, It's no surprise that most of snyder's repertoire is comprised of frank miller's works, whose works are quite right-wing and misogynistic, and in the case of the horrid 'holy terror', downright xenophobic and bigoted.

luigi gutierrez says:

Yall should read Alan Moore's Neonomicon 🙂

Zachary O. Ray says:

You have a huge blackhead on your chin.

Rory Guitar says:

He wrote the foreword to my comic 'Creeps and Underdogs' it's on Amazon if you're interested (it's very cheap!) It's political too

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