Inkredia : Luwan of Brida || Fantasy Book Review

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Cheshta Choudhury says:

I finished reading Inkredia yesterday and LOVED IT!😍 Though I liked Meg because she is more likely to be related to for most people because most of the people fear the unknown, but I definitely liked Luwan more as a protagonist since I related to him. He is calm, sensible and brave. Yes sometimes he doubts himself and others but then we all do that! But Meg was apprehensive all the time about everything and that's what I didn't like about her.

Shilpa Rajurkar says:

are there two same books one luwan of brida and second inkredia ???

Vinuta Prasad says:

Can anyone tell me if it is is suitable for 14 year old? By the way video was awesome.

DJ Mayur NSK says:

I finished it 2 days ago.

believe me its just 💓

Deja vu says:

Best reviews of Inkredia on YouTube👌

Soham Nayak says:

I loved Kiliarn the most ,his madman nature stroked me hard hahaha. I just loved the fight scenes and that scene when he chopped off the Ghorks head with those metal discs oh gawwd. He's such a cool guy and about Luwan and Meg they are amature in the first book. Luwan is made amature cause in future he will be the strongest 🙌.The both the characters have a typical village background and as we know females in village are mostly softhearted, curious ,protective and very cautious and that's the reason of Meg's behaviour and curiousness in this book. People say that it's gender biased but I think it reveals the truth about village culture. I hope in the next book they learn to fight and become used to the harsh situations and become a more mature characters.Tbh while reading this book I was fantasizing myself as Luwan and my lil bro as meg LOL 😂😂. Waiting for the next book so eagerly .I hella loved this book 💜💜

Atreya Banerjee says:

Just finished really nice.

jagjit singh says:

Mam if it is possible can you go through the book the space between us :an anthology of confessional verse by Dominique blodget.
It's based on his psychological struggle with his autoimmune disease it's available in pothi. com.

Ram Charan says:

Hello Kelly..I wanted to ask u this question from so long. How is it possible for u not to get the dark circles when u read so much in very less time.?
I mean u post a book review almost every week, u should b reading day and night .
And I see not even a single circle mark under ur eyes

Murali Tharan says:

Pls do review on my father Ballaih book

ratheesh rajan says:

Hi, is there any video on your review of The Handmaids Tale ? Didnt find any . If there is pls add a link. Thanks. Happy Reading !

I'm Jos says:

Ur views on Sidney Sheldon ❤??..his best books??

Inside Screen says:

Helly please Next book review
"You can win " by shiv kher

Samruddhi Bhosale says:

Hey Helly!! Can you please review “The subtle art of not giving a fuck”

Yes says:

Nice review!

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