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My review of stephen kings latest short story collection, If It Bleeds. A strong showing from the horror icon.
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Daniel Greene says:

You can get the book here: https://amzn.to/2VKXXU5
btw, it does bleed. All living things bleed. Horrible title. 0/10. Dislike unsub! (sarcasm)

The Swedes Versus says:

King hasn't written anything good since the 90s?
Yeah those guys must be reading something by that Steve King who's in politics and somehow managed to confuse the two.

Backwards Writing Advice says:

I'd love a review on my debut horror novel:

"H-311, a pill which makes you experience Hell while you're still alive."


Laureen Pew says:

I loved The Outsider and The Institute, which are newer titles. I am so excited to read this even more since you said If It Bleeds is a follow-up.

TJ L says:

did you ever read hearts in atlantis daniel? in mr harrigans phone the relationship between harrigan and the kid reminds me of that connection between ted brautigan and bobby. so that was a great nostalgia read for me. when i read mr harrigans phone i thought it was the best "novella" he had written since his different seasons days, but i do not write code so i didnt have that bias. i really liked the concept of rat; the whole "monkeys paw" story. i hated the life of chuck. maybe i just didnt get it, maybe im too dumb? but i just didnt understand it and it was so confusing that i just wanted to get it over with so i could move on to the next story. i get what he was going for but telling it backwards just felt like a gimmick to me. and the title story had a great ending i loved how he worked the elevator into the story. for some reason stephen king fans LOVE holly gibney, i like her too i just dont see what all the fuss is about with her

Georgianna Miller says:

Under the Dome isn't great. Duma Key, 11/22/63, and The Institute were excellent

Neal Van says:

This review is of my first video of yours I’m watching that just popped up on my homepage and I thought I’d take a look. I feel you given some fair opinions about this quad collection of short stories. As someone who has always believed in the right for everyone to have your own opinion (I turn 60 in this December) which means I grew up in a much less pressured environment for having personal opinions. I don’t envy you or anyone doing opinions about any topic these days with all the twisted thinking from decades of anti American brainwashing of all Americans. Kudos for having a brain all your own and not stifled by the trolls on YouTube who just love findings things to hate and cause conflict about. Now getting back to why I mentioned my age. I feel your opinions of what writings by S. King are best and those that are not using the lens of time when written as your filter or others you use as their filter. I’m old enough to be lucky enough to have had the opportunity to read (now I listen via Audible.com) because my eyes aren’t what they used to be and I enjoy those who have the ability to ‘perform’ the material. I began audiobook listening when the books were only available to the Blind through the Federal government and the few other private companies that came along back in the late 1970s. Those tapes were 1/4” wide tape on a 7.25” reel size reels. You also needed a special player that had a different play head and ran at 1 1 7/8th speed (one and one seven eighths inch per second) which is half the speed of a typical reel tape or cassette tape. They did this in this way to save space by using half as many expensive tapes. They used all four channels (aka tracks) to save money and be more efficient. You would listen to side 1 track A as normal, then without removing the reel, play side 1 channel B in reverse. Then you flip the tape over and do the same for the second pair of channels. If you can find a cassette and put it in a typical cassette player, you’ll hear forward and backward speaking at the same time. If I did Acid, I might have enjoyed it that way! LOL. Anyway, back to your opinion. Having not watched any other of your videos yet. I plan to check out how you think S. King novels, novellas, and short stories should be where to start to fully e,brace the very wide variety of material topics S. King has covered since his first published novel…Carrie came out in 1974 followed by a very limited local only to Maine residents of Salem’s Lot inn1975. Big dollar value to a mint copy of that first edition for those who collect or want to make money on eBay. I have to break down what genre of Kings writings you are interested in. The bulk is in some level of the horror genre, but he’s done some incredible suspense or plain drama works such as Shawshank Redemption as just one example of straight drama. Now as I’m thinking about what I’d recommend. I think I’m going to hold off until after I’ve watched your suggestions on how to get started as a new S. King potential fan first and see if we agree or where we might differ. I have some major thoughts about all King’s writings after his literal death for a few minutes. For any who might not know King was hit by a drunk driver in a minivan while walking on a main road shoulder near one of his homes in Maine. The news all said Stephen King had died until an updated report from the ER doctors and his wife could state that he was still alive, but in critical condition. Lucky for us fans and his family, he pulled through and did something very interesting with his brush with death in a few of his novels published not too long after this tragedy. I’m hoping I will find your reviews and comments about any books or other media you might discuss on your channel something perhaps you might wish an ‘Old Guy’ opinion whether we agree or mostly agree, etc. as perhaps another perspective as someone who lived through everything he wrote when it was new as well as which books are amazing as audiobooks and others for whatever reason are not? If you read this and feel it might be worth your time to contact me, I’m at MerlinFL34480 on Instagram or here in YouTube. I’m a retired pro touring and studio musician most of my life. But now with all life has thrown at me, I can’t play anymore…so I took up fishing in the past 3 years since I live on a brackish water canal here in New Port Richey, FL. So my channel in reverse chronological order has tons of fishing videos, a few clips of things that caught my interest, to all music videos of me performing in some of the tribute and basic cover bands I played in since 2001 when I moved from NJ to Ocala, FL which is a heck of a lot nicer, although without the fishing in the backyard which began shortly after moving here in November 2017. Whatever you choose, I’m now a subscriber and look forward to binging on most of your review videos of material or topics I’m familiar with and passionate about. Sorry for the long comment and I hope my suggestion of a team up of some type might appeal to you. I know we could definitely talk about many aspects of The Wheel of Time I can see behind you as well as S. King. Perhaps you like Kong’s, Crichton, Kevin J. Andersen, Hawke, Paolini, Lovecraft, Tad Williams, Ayn Rand, Tolkien, Clarke, Sanderson, George R.R. Martin, Patterson, Straub, Heinlien, Asimov, Guillermo del Toro, Ann Rice, S. A. Corey, Terry Goodkind, Clive Barker, Deborah Harkness, even J. K. Rowling, and so many more classic and current authors.

Collin Pristera says:

I started stephen king books with Mr. Mercedes after that I was hooked so far I've read 5 of his books (slow reader here) and in middle of 1 now and I've got a bunch stored that I plan to read afterwards😀 I think he's a great author but to each their own

Tommy Marx says:

Initial thoughts. 1. "Under the Dome" was not a good book and will never be a good book. It had one of the weakest endings of any book he's ever written (which is saying a lot, since he has often had difficulty nailing the finish, it featured a small town that had, among other things, two psychotic killers and the world's largest meth lab, and it was not quite twice as long as it needed to be. 2. "The Life of Chuck" was my favorite of the four stories by far. I appreciate you mentioning it would be very divisive, because I can see people not liking it, but it was the definite highlight collection of the book for me. 3. I thought "If It Bleeds" was okay, but Stephen King has a tendency to write gibberish and pretend it's folksy; Holly is one of those characters I like but I never believe is real because he does such a bad job of trying to make her quirky in a way that doesn't feel true. I did think "The Outsider" was one of his best, however. 4. "Night Watch" is your favorite of his short stories? I'm not familiar with that one. If I had to make a list of my favorite Stephen King short stories/novellas, it would have to be at least ten if not twenty choices, LOL. 5. "The Rat" was not one of my favorites, but I thought the writing was actually some of his strongest ever. Some of it was successful, some of it wasn't, but it was definitely some of the best writing he's written.

Suspiria Sam says:

Joyland is one of my very favourites of his works.

roselucyking says:

I went out and bought If It Bleeds because of this review. Thanks!

Riz says:

I honestly think that Under the dome is very underrated. From all the Stephen King books I have read it's definitely one of my favourites.

Elijah Brown says:

The Wind Through the Keyhole is absolutely one of my favs

Nevermore77 says:

Dude, King himself stated how that The Lord of the Rings was his influence for the Dark Tower, along with the Man With No Name westerns, and a poem with the title character named Roland. So no, it is not "flimsy."

joe i says:

With exception to Mr Mercedes (1of3) , Heart Shaped box and Joyland , i really can t stand kings newer books. Its political and ideological infused drivel. Outsider was boring 💤 💤 and so was this.

Edinelia Quinino says:

Stephen King ❤️

Shelby Mahoney says:

Hahahaha has volume up when this started. It’s ok. I liked it

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