I Read 400 Books on Booktube… Here are the Best Ones! || Fantasy & Sci Fi Recommendations 2020

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I have been on Booktube for almost 4 years now and during that time, I have read just over 400 books! Here are the reviews of the best ones I’ve read, the ones I recommend you to read if you’re looking for the best adult fantasy or sci fi books to read!

Worst Books I’ve Read on Booktube: https://youtu.be/KZpVGf_vZr4
Best Book by Genre: https://youtu.be/XBbu8WQNHWw

Beginner’s Guide to Sci Fi: https://youtu.be/l8UPAUkQIPI
More: https://youtu.be/jqJeLKP7zMM

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BookswithEmilyFox says:

Out of the 400 books I've read on Booktube…. these were the best ones from my main genres (Adult Sci-Fi and Adult Fantasy!).
For the best one in each other genre: https://youtu.be/XBbu8WQNHWw
For the worst ones: https://youtu.be/KZpVGf_vZr4

BOOKS Yada,Yada says:

Loved the The Humans!

Kevin Z says:

The second two books in the series of Remembrance of Earths Past are fucking incredible.

l0n3wolf89 says:

Really, Nevernight was your top 8 in all these years?? 😛
I did not enjoy Poppy Wars as much as I had hoped. So many things "out of time/era" things that they say. Very repetetive (spelled wrong?) in the book. I remember having to sped up the audiobook to hurry it to end……nah, I did not enjoy it very much . I had me cringe and roll my eyes sooo many times. 😛 Gave it 2.5 starts (3 on Goodreads) Not a book I would recommend to people though, feel like I have read so many more exciting books than this one 🙂 Don't worry, still love to follow you and see you talk about books!!!! 😀

Amanda says:

I must admit, I am now a Sanderson convert. I think two MCs in Mistborn are pretty weak but The Starlight Archive is really solid. Looking forward to Warbreaker.

Rashmi Sasi says:

Elantris !!! Elantris !!! Elantris !!!

Faery Chains says:

I’ve never annotated a book I’ve read or marked any pages like you – can you explain why you put the tabs on certain pages? X

Faery Chains says:

Okay I just have to say it – how are you so beautiful???

ButtercupBooks15 says:

I just read The Humans last month based on how you recommended it and it was so good!!

Camila Golub says:

I love that you enjoyed nevernight. I just finished godsgrave and I cant wait to get my hands on darkdawn.

readbymarta says:

i really need to read red sister

Brent Andrei says:

Looking at your fave fantasy books I see that we have similar tastes ie Nevernight, Mistborn, Poppy War, Broken Earth trilogy. Which is really cool! And makes me more excited to pick up Warbreaker. ML's Book of thd Ancestor just got pushed down on my TBR bc of his whole mess with Schwab. I was so disappointed by it, even more so because I was so interested in this trilogy

Alice Dourountaki says:

Hey Emily! I enjoy listening to your voice reviewing books, so much! I was wondering if you have an e-reader and if you recommend one?

Jen Talks Books & Creates says:

Hi, I'm new to your channel. Love this video. I'm going to try a few of these, and am actually going to read Spin in the July Reading Rush. 💚📚

Braelyn Williams says:

Footnote…. *your wings are so sharp and amazing!

Iving Zuniga says:

Matt Haig: exists
Emily: matt egg

Mary Jo Headrick says:

I'm reading the Martian right now and it's so so good!!

TheFailedArtist says:

Every time I watch an Emily video I end up buying a book!

Christina Campbell Books says:

Definitely want to read the Fifth Season – it sounds wonderful! 🙂

Miralola R says:

I am going to have 2 weeks off, from the 13th of July on. And I hope I will be in a reading mood again by then…. I want to finish the Sparrow so bad but I just can't motivate myself. Not even my favorite books are helping 🙁 Fellow readers: Enjoy every moment of your liefe without reading slump

Aleo Vera says:

I read the Mistborn and Nevernight Trilogy because of you and those books are one of my favorites now! Thanks ♡

Jayarie says:

I wish you put these in the descriptions as well 😭

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