i haven't read a book in 4 months, let's fix that

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it’s good to see you all again ♥️
i hope you’re doing well and staying safe! enjoy this casual, chatty video of me trying to get myself to read a book for the first time in months and also get my life back together lol

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thank you so much for watching 💛


bookdreams says:

I saw the title and was like "that's me, but eight months" LOL

Akshita Kumar says:

Hannah you are my favorite book Tuber, I look up to you as my role model ❤️❤️❤️

Άγγελος Αναστασόπουλος says:

Your face seems like a renaissance angel!😍

Andreea Grg says:

A reading slump…I hear you,sister. But don't worry, You have enought time for books. Take your time . Kiss kiss !

suicide salad says:

19:07 I always wondered if Hannah would look way cooler with short nails lol

alina Kocherovskaya says:

You have to read Matilda really like it ,she's this kind of character related to u . So this book is based by a girl called Matilda she is a bookworm she started reading when she was 3 years old and since then she loved reading but her parent's didn't approve it . They are kinda bad . Then she has powers and stuff like that . Whatever I really loved this book recommend to read it .there is a movie even hope u will read it

Emina Besirovic says:

Hope all's well, Hannah!

A 88 says:

sites like Yesstyle have lots of earrings for people without piercings and for a really cheap price! When I've been in Asia it seems to be much more common to sell them over there. I have lots of piercings so can't wear clip ons so I can't personally attest to how comfortable or good quality they are but maybe you can check it out. Their normal earrings are usually surprisingly good quality and don't hurt my ears even though they're sensitive. Idk how long shipping takes to the US tho as I live in Australia – a lot of my US friends complain that it takes a long time

M says:

I really hope you do a wrap up for top (or most disappointing) books you read in 2019 💕

Iara Lopardo says:

hi, i also haven't read a book in a while and because of this video i wanna read again, so thank you, love from argentina

Emily says:

Can you link the shop where you got your clip on earrings from? They’re so cute!

Rim Alhajjar says:

Where are your earrings from??

Miriam Dunn says:

If u want a good book, read the keeper of the lost cities series, narnia, or eragon. All are very good

Eleonora Rosato says:

I loved "In The Dream House", I read it a few months ago and I highly highly recommend it! It's just great.

AJ says:

reading the title and screaming yas same

Denny 07 says:

Does anyone know any YA books that are about like lost glory?Like the main character could have been royalty or something and they lost all of that and they need to live a normal life and try to get it back, and it is set in like the middle ages or some other era but it needs to be like a different time period and also fantasy. And it will be nice if there is romance in it as well, bonus points if it is like enemies to lovers or something similar. It also really matter if at the end they regain everything or not. It will also be nice but totally optional if there was a scene where the character is really excited if they like see something that reminds them of their old life and he keeps going on and ranting about like really small things like how the sun created shadows in the throne room or the bells that rang every Sunday, and like small stuff that used to happen before, and then the character remembers and its smile fades and says in a melancholic tone ‘but that was when i had it all’ or something along the lines. Please can anyone help? I would really like to read something like this.

Glynel Dela Torre says:

i also haven't read a book since quarantine started. The last book i read was the final book of the heroes of Olympus series and i dont know what got into me that i cant read a single book. I tried rereading my favorite series but my brain was like "you're reading this again?" but when i read other books it just does do it for me. I am reading the words on the book but i just keep thinking i need to do something productive during this quarantine and i dont know for everyone but reading a book is pretty productive to me. But i just can't get rid of the feeling that i need to do more, i have to do something that it worth my time, but i dont know what it is. I will start thinking what have i been doing with my life, i havent done anything at all, and since i am not doing anything what is the purpose of me living. I hate that thinking that way. I know that i wont really do anything that will result to that but i am not entirely sure because when you feel worthless and sad, you dont know what actions you might possibly take just to get rid of those feelings.

I hope everyone is doing okay in hard time, just know that you are not the only one feeling what you are feeling and that we will survive this pandemic. ❤❤

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