I, Frankenstein Movie Review

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From the creative mind that brought you Underworld – I, Frankenstein is already being called the worst film of the year. Can Aaron Eckhart’s chiseled physique bring new life to this classic movie monster? Or will this film burn in the proverbial windmill of cinema?


Baby Pizza says:

I saw this was recently added to Netflix and decided to give it a go. I got 30 minutes into the movie.

Malisa Jackson says:

I frankenstein was amazing! Come on man

SangreTarasco says:

The Gill-man from the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Sean O'Mara says:

Classic movie monster? Jaws. Gotta be. I've never even heard of I, Frankenstein, but when I read the title I was hoping that it was going to be a film adaptation of the Danny Boyle stage play. No dice. P.S. I think you should move your popcorn bucket over just slightly to hide the shelf bracket. 

Jesse O'Daniel says:

I think I would have been much more interested if they didn't rip off one of my favorite books. Although, if they hadn't I honestly wouldn't have even watched the trailer. I'm still holding out for Max Landis and Paul McGuigan's new film with McAvoy and Radcliffe.

Sabrina Luna says:

After your review, I'm curious to see this movie …well, maybe the matinee-priced showing.  Thx!  😉

Mr.DiscoJesus says:

I always thought Guillermo Del Toro should do Frankenstein. He was hinting at a Frankenstein project directed by him and he said his ideal casting for doctor Frankenstein would be Benedict Cumberbatch. I hope this movie gets made.

TheRantics says:

I cant get myself, to even step into a theater to see this, so I cant really judge it. I loved the underworld series, even the last one. This just seems a bit far fetched, I would like the vulnerability of  him being a dead tissue human, and still be able to fight, maybe have to get limbs replaced now and then? I dont know….lol

Jalen Getchonis says:

this movie's trailer made me gag

Jeffrey Cheek says:


Alexander Winter says:

The Wolfman was always awesome. I even liked that newer one with Hugo Weaving , Anthony Hopkins and Benecio Del Toro. 

Blowitable says:

Actually… Frankenstein would be my favourite movie monster… but now that this movie is out…

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