Hush (2016) movie review Netflix horror

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My review for the new horror release from Netflix and Mike Flanagan, Hush.

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Luciano says:

Not TERRIBLE, but my advice is to leave logic somewhere else while watching this movie.

Ali Caballero says:

great review, really glad i found your channel! subscribed! 😀 love finding fellow horror youtubers.

myshoethatfelloff says:

good review 👍

sophie xoxox says:

omg i so thought they should have kept the mask on the killer alot more too..makes it creepier!!!!!!

Universe says:

The movie was OK, but only if you roll with the idea that windows in a house are unbreakable. Spoiler: Why the heck didn't the killer try to break a window? It seemed that as long as she made it inside and shut the glass door/window, there was nothing he could do to get inside. Bullet proof?

Mikey Crunk says:

Good job organizing your DVDs! Looks much better… lol 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

PlantsVSjunior says:

i was crazyo for this… but its only on netflix? geez

Monty Datta says:

I'm loving the recent releases of great horror/thrillers such as Hush, The Invitation, The Green Room. Cloverfield Lane, and The Witch. Can you review Green Room and The Invitation?

Minty Moxy says:

I've seen this movie, and it was certainly better than I expected. If you like suspenseful horror, it's a must see.

Emir Mecikoglu says:

Also you MUST see Green Room ! It opened at NY/LA today.. Extremely intense, violent thriller with amazing gore FX and a very likeable cast !

Emir Mecikoglu says:

You must see The Invitation (2015) !

sasshleysimpson says:

There was so much hype around this movie in the weeks before its release that I just knew it was going to suck but I was definitely wrong. I absolutely loved it! Having grown up with several hearing impaired people in my life, I was genuinely blown away by the actresses portrayal! It's not often that an actor does such a good job that you genuinely think they are deaf. That being said, knowing that she co-wrote the movie, I am definitely looking forward to what's next from her and Mike Flanagan. And I think it's time I finally check out Absentia and Oculus!

koen hageman says:

Nice review really looking forward to it, i freaking loved oculus 🙂
def check out the invitation of you get the chance man, that movie will be right up your alley!

jttfffffffffffff says:

Will you be reviewing The Invitation?

cookware set says:

oculus was surprisingly really good I'll definitely check this out one of these nights

Red Red says:

I want to see this, but I don't have Netflix. B movies have been A LOT better than theater movies over the past few years.

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