How to Make a Great Book-to-Film Adaptation | Owen McIntosh | TEDxRundleAcademy

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Why is it that so many great books end up as terrible movies? What goes wrong? In this heartfelt talk, Owen McIntosh discusses how great books end up as terrible movies, makes a few suggestions that all sreenwriters need to follow, and ends with a rallying call for fans to demand better.

Owen McIntosh is a grade 9 student who is a student of great books and great movies. He is on a mission to ensure that his favorite books never end up as terrible film adaptations.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Nikela Reed says:

I enjoyed this. Thank you.

Lollinen says:

Thank you Owen. I will be using your video in my literally analysis of books made into cinema.

Cameron Ring says:

I know you were nervous Owen- BUT, It was really informative and I liked it, thanks!

Ashlee Knowlton says:

Next time you give a speech, start off with introducing yourself. It's something we do everyday and it calms you down with something familiar.
Nerves aside your speech was very well written and I appreciate the information. 🤓


He looks so scared

WAPAT Radio says:

great job brother you will be a great speaker one day. you have just done something most people wont. and you have done it well.

Soul Rebel says:

great job…you being nervous didnt take away from the great info….nx time b4 u go on stage..try some breathing exercises….take a shot…or a few puffs… I mean who doesnt get nervous when talking to a big crowd…good job…very helpful

Janlee1111 says:

Very interesting- thank you Owen. I couldn’t stand up and do a talk like this as too nervy and I applaud you for doing it – well done!

Sun Wukong says:

"Say it witcha chest!!!"

Pedro Barros Brasil says:

kkkkkkkkkkk caralho mano achei q eu era ruim de pitching

A Box in the Black says:

The Maze Runner series was pretty good.

User says:

Jesus this is bad…

Sam Banfield says:

I'd be so nervous and crying. SO good for him! Okay, looking to do exactly this. Turn an erotic novel (may or may not be erotic), into an adaptation for film. I'm applying for a competition, and want to get more connections. Hit me up on my channel if you have information. I want to expand. I want to collaborate.

Spaceway Films says:

Lol he looks like he's about to burst into tears…great analysis on modern films nonetheless!

Gerald Ames says:

I agree with his assessments and applaud his courage. – Hollywood needs to work with the authors more instead of allowing screenwriters to manipulate stories to their sensibilities.

G4rr1k4 says:

Thank you Owen!

Monsieur Candie says:

lol hes so nervous!!

Qew Production says:

Some good points, thanks

Reem Mahmood says:

amazing talk ..thank you so much

Ahmed Samir says:

Actually that was a great talk!

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