HOW TO GET RICH – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki- Animated Book Review

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HOW TO GET RICH- from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad explains good ideas on how to get rich. One of my favorite books when it comes to money. This was the first book I read on self help that got me addicted to reading. I definitely recommend it!

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Simple Ideas that have turned average people into rich and wealthy and financially independent people.

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rokitansky adaley says:

nice vid. concise and simplified.. what if someone is controlling your income, or do you really need to put 80% of your income to business, paper assetts, investments? instead of buying important basic stuffs.. its being selfish to your family and self i think.

Mario Perez says:

Didn’t kiyosaki claim bankrupt like 2 weeks ago lol

Ray Bands says:

( ● )"|/"( ● )

leesly B says:

Lol I read “rich dad, poor dad” before taking a PFIN course in college and the concepts are flipped lol

Oscar Vitlue says:

Alright kids the moral of the story is drop out of school and you will become rich

Iresh Shamika says:

Gr8 wrk buddy.

Beyond Zone says:

I've invested so much time in Robert, but the way you showed the income rising for the Rich at 3:20 is priceless

The Right Circle says:

Please, help to get first followers! Appreciate it 🙂

Sandipan Dhabal says:

Beautiful and speechless

Squigeoth says:

Lol don’t get a degree? Surely that is an asset.. You have the potential to earn more money and do the thing you like. Plus you can apply the same rules towards earning you’re just enjoying earning and earning more.

bibolcs says:

1:42 If they give me a raise of 10.000 dollars a month..? I invest such money in a different house every month, also, I hang the sign for rent in every property and I will have a pasive income every month coming to my pocket without to be working like a mule, greetings to everyone from Virginia, The United States of America.

Tengshain Nongsiej says:

Poor I'd very bad

Justin Lowry says:

People poor is also expensive

nicky ortan says:

Thanks for the explanation. I now have a whole new look at finance after this video.

Judas Mlengos says:

thank you very much for this precious information, it helps ☺

Abhi abi says:


deepak gupta says:

This tax is all about income tax but what about high rate of GST?

Rama Krishna says:

Olden days it happens but now all are understand… So it's impossible to get rich fast..

Nay Haseballah says:

I love this video, you explain this very well and clear understanding. Thank you!!

Investing Book Summaries says:

This is a very nice whole summation of the book. I'm making a series that goes chapter by chapter throughout the book, but in general this looks pretty clean, well done!

石川彩奈 says:

Does investing in learning from making money online courses and starting blogs from your interests count as assets?

amanita333 says:

Being above money and materialism is true wealth.

Michael Perry says:

Excellent Video!

babygirl austin says:

Thank you!!!😊👏👏👏

Marc R6 says:

Or create a youtube channel and have a millions of subscribers

Marc R6 says:

So basically you just need to have your own business and make it grow to become rich

MG Tairu says:

this is a study im doing, if anyone has the time to reply plz let me know if after watching this video your financial situation improved even a little. a like of this comment will be taken as a yes 👍 thanks

Sahil Sharma says:

So this moron says that home is a liability for middle class. Middle class person just has one home. That's not a liability. Where's you gonna sleep at night? In your neighbour's ass?

Mark Zimmy says:

The asset that kiyosaki wants you to build is a pyramid scheme

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