Horror Movie Review: THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN (1964)

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Today I talk about a classic horror film from the legendary Hammer studio! In the review I say the movie is “one hundred and twenty seven minutes long” I actually meant an hour and twenty seven minutes long lol.


Ontologically Steve says:

Just got this set on blu ray. They all look stunning (especially Curse of the Werewolf and The Evil of Frankenstein). It's great to see these films in 1080p. I highly recommend them.

Falsetymology says:

"Dhe Evil of Frankenstein" scared dhe pants off me; [hellstormdocumentary]dot[com] truly horrified me.

Luis Ramirez says:

Not to mention a great soundtrack. Loved the music. Everyone seems to be more evil than the monster and deaf girl. everyone from constables, politicians, circus performers, and Frankenstein where evil. The makeup works well. Its probably more realistic when one considers the stages of decomposition of the human body. I saw this film as a kid during the early 70s. Highly recommend Night Creatures too. – Louie

HorrorMovieReviewGuy says:

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Funky Moped says:

Love this one,they were allowed to use similer makeup to the karloff one in this as they had just got the rights off universal 😉 top review.

ChiselTip says:

I just heard Betsy palmer passed away

Lookie! says:

@Beyond the Realms – It'd be fun to have a few more reviews on classic horror titles – actually checked out the playlists to see if there was a playlist like that. Appreciate the fact that you do review handpicked indie titles, as well.

Zachary Balog says:

Cool take on this genre. Are you taking on any independent films for review?

ChiselTip says:

Its Hammer Time with Beyond the Realms Another great review bruddahh!!!

BoogeyMan Ben says:

Great video

Need to check those out

grey1951 says:

I agree, the Hammer horror films have so much style and atmosphere, not to mention some terrific actors like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. The Evil of Frankenstein is one I never managed to see, but I remember reading about it in all of the monster magazines back in the 60s. I saw so many stills from the film that I almost feel like I DID see it! Probably Kiwi Kingston's greatest screen triumph. Wonder whatever happened to him? Great review!!

Resident Vania77 says:

The Evil of Frankenstein was a great one. Peter Cushing  played Dr. Frankenstein so well. My favorite in the series was Frankenstein Created Woman. Great Review.

D Bourgie86 says:

I love me some hammer horror!!! I got to grab this set I rent it all the time from the library I never end up buying one lol. I love this flick fun one in the series!

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