HORROR HAUL (October 2015) | Movie & Book Pick Ups

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See Gory get jump scared by a book…yeah, a freakin’ book.

Gory B. Movie’s haul of new horror (mostly) Blu-Rays, DVDs and books from October. Loads of movie reviews and unboxings of new releases. PLUS any digital HD codes included with the movies are yours–just leave a comment letting me know which one you want.

Note: There are a few movies pictured on the thumbnail that aren’t included in this haul as part of my footage was lost. I’ll include those in November’s haul.

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HerMakeupIsRad says:

Carrie the musical is actually fantastic. Most people in the musical theater community love it

Susan O'Fearna says:

I adore scary movies, but am an arachnophobe… it took me SEVEN HOURS to watch Arachnophobia — I kept having to turn off the movie to see if I could figure out where my skin had crawled off to — have you seen the comics book-ization of that?

I love digital copies

Roddy Piper's episode of HIGHLANDER was hilarious!

Loony bin psychoz says:

i love they live. great video

JekyllHydeClub says:

I didn't mind spiders until I read Nazareth Hill by Ramsey Campbell. It's such a scary book ion so many levels, spiderwebs just being one of them. LOL. I'm not afraid of much but I had to beg a friend to crash on my couch when I read it the first time…so check it out if you dare. HAHA.
Great Haul,BTW…
With Carrie as your first horror…I assume you know there is now a Carrie action figure!


VS Horror says:

You need to try reading the horror book Affliction I have Seen by Trent Mills. Super creepy and bizarre.

David L says:

What are your thoughts on the very controversial "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" personally I loved it because of the unique and fun idea.

Winston Norrris says:

you have many videos and I really love anythingthing with micheal myers in it.i just see nice castle this year at a horror con this year,i love horror also but iam into collecting autographs,and getting movies on putlockeris.take care and have fun collecting.

Crystle Tellerday says:

LOL I was laughing when you jumped

ShootTheKill's Videos says:

If no one else wants it could i also have the Serenity code please?

rogelio 100 says:

I love the move Carrie

ShootTheKill's Videos says:

Could you give me the Halloween 6 code?

A Ferret's Novel Tale says:

thanks for subscribing back to me. that's so cool that you have two ferrets what are their names? I belong to the ferret rescue. I have 3 ferrets Snickers, Goober, and Crystal.

Jay Winger says:

I want you to Steal Jays Cocaine and Time travel to Dark Karnival.

Grumpy Andrew's Horror House says:

Did anyone ask yet for the digital code for Halloween 6? Would that even work in the UK? Anyway, love your enthusiasm and your taste in movies.

Vanilla Gorilla Beast says:

Great update, but I didn't dig Lost After Dark! That shit brought out the Beast with that dog kill.

Shane Fairbanks says:

thanks for personally messaging me!….gonna spend the next few days "power watching" all of your content!…again thanks for the personal message…really means a lot to a fellow horror junkie!…keep up the good content!

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