Horror Bluray Shelf 1

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Shelf 1 of my horror Bluray collection


Andrew Parker says:

What is some of the scariest horror movies you have watched

KT Erb says:

grizzly is on blu ray

Douglas Voss says:

1408, Army of Darkness, Apollo 18, The Blair Witch Project, Blood and Lace, Children of the Corn, and Hellraiser are all good movies. Great video as usual

Moodz616 says:

Geeeaaahhhh! The Baby is great. That ending tho lol. Ya Bite could have been so much better but it was alright. Been wanting to see Channel 13. I hope they reissue it on DVD so it' aforable haha…Great stuff Matt!

The Cutting Board says:

Great collection!!! I love horror.

Trey Givens says:

Amazing Blu-Ray collection. I'm so ready for shelf two!

WestexHorror says:

awesome, bring on shelf 2!

Nathan Mcgee says:

Sweet collection man!

Alexander Carracedo says:

Great video as usual! I love how you just say "fun" when pulling out The Burning haha :)… Best slasher ever in my opinion!

Pickle Butch says:

Awesome as usual to your horror collection! Do you remember the movie "the little girl who lives down the lane?" I never hear about that movie. 😎

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