Historical Romance Books to Read After Watching Bridgerton

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Kristie Matheson says:

Well my tbr pile just gained by +6 series.

Song Of the DAY says:

What’s the name of the book where the heroin marries a guy by saying that she’s pregnant but actually not and the guy marries because of the curse that father dies when the baby is about to be born?

logann-mackenzie froste says:

Awesome video! I am only positive that I want to read the Bridgerton series!

Ayat Haque says:

Check out the rogues and gentlemen and girls who dare series by Emma V Leech

Daffodil Underhill says:

The Poldark series by Winston Graham is excellent. I also love the old Victoria Holt novels, such as King of the Castle and Shadow of the Lynx.

Gina Style says:

Have you read outlander? Kind of long but sooo good ✌🏻

Mayde Gomez says:

My absolute favorite series is The Malory from Johanna Lindsey…
I'm in love with James

Classics Lover says:

The historical romance series about the Hathaways and the Bow Street Runners (both written by Lisa Kleypas) are phenomenal! I also recommend the Bedwyn Saga and the Survivors Club series by Mary Balogh. Tessa Dare's Spindle Cove series has some hidden gems in it.

Catiejan B says:

Mary Balogh's series Survivors Club is good, Johanna Lindsay's Malory-Anderson family is good even though it is older, Stephanie Lauren's Bastion Club, or Cynsters books are also good.

bookswithsamantha says:

The Wallflower series or The Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas would be great adaptions 👏

bookswithsamantha says:

I love all the love historical romance is getting 👏😍

Nadin Div says:

I want to read the Bridgerton series after watching the show and falling in love with the story. Do you need to read the books in order? I have the same question for the wilde series.

EastCoastLady says:

I will reccomend three series.
1. The Crown Spies series from Julie Garwood, starts with Lyons Lady, Guardian Angel, The Gift and ends with Castles which I actually read first.
2. The Velevet Series from Jude Deveraux. 4 books set around 16th century.
3. The Malory Family Series by Johanna Lindsey,this one honestly the first like 5 or so books are great but the quality decreases aftr that slowly.

Simona Tempra says:

I have never been into Eloisa James' s books, I can't explain why but after I have read one I have never been attracted to her books am I 'm with Julian Quinn's, Lika Kleypas' s and Sarah Maclean's.
I agree with you about Jennifer Ashley's Mackenzie books, they are nothing like other historical romance.

little_misscrafty says:

I looove Lisa Kleypas especially her sequence to the wallflower series Devil in the spring that links the second of her series about the Ravenels. Stephanie Laurens is also good with her Cynster series. 😊also Eloisa James The dutchess series and her fairy tale series are some of my favourite x

ID D says:

I love your videos and your recommendations, have been a subscriber for a while.

I am curious whats your thought on how sometimes Historical novels(especially ones based in Europe) fetishize the colonization aspect? The third book ok Kerrigan Byrne you mentioned had an Indian person whose main role was for the hero to look like a white savior-there were a lot of problematic aspects in the representation. Second Evie Dunmore book also has major issues and I haven't heard anyone call these things out. And also a lot of these titles like Dukes etc- the reason why they had all this wealth, titles and mostly did nothing is that they were exploiting and enslaving the African and Asian countries. The money and wealth was coming from somewhere but that is blatantly ignored? I understand its a fantasy, but we are starting to critique books like Gone with the wind for problematic slavery rep. So why is there no mention of this anywhere?

I find it strange that American readers make a big hue and cry if slavery is positioned in an unsavoury manner in American history (as they should) but the same 'woke' readers ignore it when it comes to same things in other countries.

I am not criticizing Jess- she has never made any problematic comments as far as I know (I have seen most of her videos).

I am just pointing out these issues as I feel these are ignored by readers. In another place, when I commented – I received the answer that I as a POC woman am not the target of these books. WTF. But I guess its easy to ignore the problematic aspects when you are not the target.

Abigail says:

Are any of these written in the first person?

Bookish Realm says:

yay! Just bought the first book in the Wilde series and the Wallflower series lol…my pockets are going to hurt because of you.

Jessica Golden says:

Please do a plus size heroine recommendation video but for historical romances only! The covers can be so misleading!

The Bookish Muse says:

I've only read 1 book from The Maiden Lane series and can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the books. But I have to add that The Ravenels series by Lisa Kleypas is ultra binge-able.

Warda H says:

I can’t wait for more historical romance readathons!!! 😍

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