Glitterature and Horror Movie Review // Nerve and 13 Sins

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Today’s Glitterature is my book review on “Nerve” by Jeanne Ryan. You can find the book here!

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Movie: 13 sins

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Elli Waldschmidt says:

theres a movie based on the book too. its also called nerve and its actually pretty good and thw dares are a lot more intense than in the book

Glamor Rich says:

they made a movie based on the book for nerve

harrypotteravenclaw says:

Please do more glitteratures?

Juliana Chow says:

Elle, can you start doing Glitteratures again?? 😍

sam hall says:

13 sins is one of my favourite movies. I love ron perlman

Mia Murray says:

No offense and to each their own, but how on earth did you find this book good? After watching the movie, you realize how much the writers for the movie changed the plot in order to make it good. The movie was brilliant, but the book was trash. I found that the characters were incredibly flat (especially Vee who I actually hated) and there were so many clichés that I found myself rolling my eyes and cringing. Ian and Vee had absolutely no chemistry and I actually found their relationship really creepy and cringeworthy. I would not recommend this book, and it was a complete waste of time.

Nicola Jane says:

Hi Elle, I know you've been super busy and Congratulations on getting married and your new house! when you've settled down a bit will you do another Glitterature video? Pretty please…Love you!

Izzy Book Queen says:


Riley Fields says:

I just wanna know the ending

Derby1991 says:

It's a total rip off of 13 Sins.

Annebelle Bosch says:

Please keep doing these book reviews! You always give me the best ideas of what to read

Somij says:

Read the Uglies by scott Westerfeld ! ❤️

Julie Engle says:

Idk if it's the light or the contour but her nose looks super small

Aracely Guerrero says:

you should read and do a glitterature on the book miss peregrine's home for peculiar children! 🙂

Lena Krpoun says:

Hey 🙂
I actually live in germany and i read about this book in a englishbook when i was helping a friend with her homework 😀
I got it for chrismast.Its my first book in english and i really hope that i am able to read it fluently cuz it sounds really exciting and interesting! 🙂

getinmybelly12 says:

love this! definitely going to check out both the book and the movie! thanks elle! MORE GLITTERATURES!!!!

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