Ghosts of Saltmarsh Review (New D&D 5E book)

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Erichev says:

Starting to read through it now. I hope it reads well so I can run it.

Funky Surgeon says:

When a special edition cover doesn’t look like garbage. I can tell this book is going to give me ideas for my halloween horror campaign inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

Lavenderflower says:

I gotta buy Yawning Portal and this book together haha

paul miraldi says:

Thanks Nate, been out of the D&D realm for a while, your vid was extremely helpful. Im one of the OGs who got his first basic set back in 1982 w The keep on the Borderlands! good times

Kinloch Cantrell says:

Sounds awesome

sd2257 says:

bring back the ghost walk campaign might make this awesome

manlypedro75 says:

my dwarf has a boat called "the Compadre" , heaps of folks get on it… then get off.his first mate "Anthrax" is now a raging alcoholic, I think my DM needs this book.

setsunasamachan says:

Thanks! This helped. I think I hear the sounds of the ocean calling my party now.
Best thing is that its modular because I'm running this in AL with very sporadic player numbers.

Bartach says:

If playing a ranger for this what would you choose for favored enemy?

Project says:

Thanks for showing me how to use this book. When I first cracked it open, the skim was rather daunting. Thanks for a single video summarizing everything.

Marcos Castellanos says:

Just now picked it up from my local hobby shop.

Dragon Knights of Antar says:

Could give a crap about the art. It's about the story lol.

Ami Anderson says:

read it before you review it! come on!!!

Olde Skool says:

Nice honesty review. I've been playing since 79, still run 2e games and my favorites are the original adventures.
The negatives:
-The cost. Way to high for me, should have bound it in a soft back. Also take out the character skills, diffent types of monster and unquie magic items description pages. *By doing this they could bring the price down and in the long run make more money because now they have material for another accesory book, that both a player and DM will purchase.

-Different monster types. If your going to do that, come out with another monster manuel every so often. *See Above

-Player skills. When someone wants to have a certain skills (like say seamanship or ship battles) for their character, putting it in an adventure book for the price they want, sours it. Come out with another skills/accesory/magic items book every so often. *See Above

Catlord says:

Oh mang, I love tales from the yawning portal so I will probably pick this up

Matt Alford says:

Well done. Nice video

brian reid says:

You reviewed a book you didnt entirely read….wtf

Paul Guy says:

It's great to support local businesses, but unfortunately lots if people don't have a local shop for role-playing at all. I imagine that WotC thought that making everyone outside big cities wait for the new hotness in the internet era was a bit pointless.

StevoM08 says:

Thank you kindly for lingering on the pages in the appendix for so long. 😉

Michael Phillips says:

YARR! That is all 🙂 Thanks Nate – good review as always. Tempted to pick this up, especially for the village description chapter.

mr. ma'at says:

The art was mostly repurposed from the older Dungeon releases. Somewhat lazy IMO.

Simo says:

That's alternative cover is the best art I've seen on a d&d 5th book yet.
The art in the book looks as awful as the rest if the 5e art unfortunately…

Captain kiwi says:

I’ve been running mines of phandelver for just under a year (in game) and soon they’ll be finished (I tried to line the final encounter up with winter) and so I decided I’d be bringing the oncoming war I’ve been planning to their town after they’re finished and made phandelin a home. I’m gonna burn it while they are on a trip to the big city, run through some quick adventures on land, use my reacurring npc who is an heir to the sea throne to introduce a plot hook for the sea. These would be kinda perfect.

Random Nerdery says:

This is the first special edition cover that I really dislike. I just don't like the artwork.

Sana Naryon says:

There's a picture of a Juvenile Kraken in the book, and. I find it hilarious, since the description makes it sound disgustingly horrifying, while the art is just adorable.

Luke Porter says:

Based on your closing, pick up all the Tom Moldvey adventures. Especially ‘Castle Amber’ and ‘The Lost City’ a ton of inspiration from those.

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