"Gerald's Game" 2017 Netflix Stephen King Thriller Movie Review – The Horror Show

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Cecil & Fuego review the brand new Stephen King adaptation available on Netflix, “Gerald’s Game”!


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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Jaime En Fuego
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

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Oh Jeh says:

Movie could have been OK if I could not stop thinking "JUST BREAK THE BEDPOST WITH YOUR LEGS!!"

steven lennon says:

just watched it and discovered u guys at the same time…cool to have a discussion to view after viewing,,new subscriber

GreenSmog17 says:

Great movie review by two stoned dudes lol

PoLR Jenaimarre says:

The book was awesome and I personnally have very enjoyed the movie !

Shannon RaeVon says:

It’s on the list. Looking forward to watching this flick. 👍🏻

TheKyraPoland says:

I've been saying the girl who loved tom Gordon needs to be a movie for AGES !

Garfield says:

Finally a good modern King adaption.

Ham Burglar says:

That movie was dope! Highly recommended!

Paul Neiland says:

At the beginning if you listen to the radio when they are in the car the reporter on the radio mentions the grave fobber/moonlight man,,,and I loved the King easter eggs,,cujo, Dolores claiborne, and a line from the dark tower, I'd love to know if you had copped any more,,,and Cecil I laughed when you said we needed a new Dolores claiborne and you didn't even see the original lol

Sydney Baker says:

Hey. You had wondered where else you saw Moonlight Man. He played The Giant in Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks The Return.

Dawn Granquist says:

I enjoyed the film enough to make it through to the end, but I doubt I'll rematch it. I have enjoyed other Stephen King films more than this one.

Breonnick says:

SPOILERS———–The Moonlight man is one of the creepiest movie monsters ever. Not knowing rather or not if it was fake or a ghost of some kind. Only to discover he's an actual person that would of killed her if she was a man. That's terrifying.

Rubber Soul81 says:

Wanna see it!!!

Sam Forsyth says:

I just saw Gerald's game. was very pleasantly surprised. I haven't read the book, so, no expectations…Thanks for the great discussion about it!

Alex GL says:

Loved the movie. Thankfully it was another great king adaptation and let's pray 1922 continues the trend.

OrisueCrew says:

Acting was great, movie was boring.

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