George Orwell – Animal Farm (Audio book) Complete HD – Full Book.

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Mysterious says:

adhd makes even listening hard

nowords. says:

Book mark 9:44

Shubham says:

I'm a vegetarian but this story somehow makes me want to eat pork and not feel bad about it.

My Kindreds Alternate REality says:


Travis Reid says:

Molly is the Bourgeoisie
Boxer is the Prolly
The dogs are the secret police
Moses is religion.
The cat represents the lazy and the ones who drain the system.
Squealer is propaganda
Sheep are propaganda supporters and the ignorant mass
Pigeon are spies and influencers
The donkey represents the old people
Snowball is Trotsky
Napoleon is Stalin
Old major is Lennon.
Animalism is communism
Humans are capitalists

Travis Reid says:

I did it school years ago I’m just listening for fun Orwell is brilliant I’m sad they took 1984 out of the school cycle

Lynn S says:

When you’re a kid forced to read a book in an education system that doesn’t teach you the life skills we think we need, I can understand that disrespect towards this book. Now, as I read this as an educated adult, I understand why our teachers might wants us to read it. It will affect those who are ready to read it. At 16, I was so focused on my own social world, I never thought about the collective people as a whole. To those 16 year olds reading this, school fucking sucks. Take what you need, and ignore the rest. Grades do not matter. What matters is that you comprehend your ideals, morals, and learn what makes you tick for the world.

You can change the world.

TomTom35645 says:

This is very appropriate reading during these dark times, when the poison of Marxism threatens to destroy the Western and particularly the American experiment…

Darius 05 says:

question is communisms bad?

Takinear Loyd says:

My Teacher: "This isn't a huge test, this is a check test. Did you read it? That's all we want to know."
Me, who found this within six minutes of the test and plans on skipping between chapters respectively throughout the hour I have to finish the test after three weeks of procrastination: chuckles nervously

Eben Crockett says:

I will be a god to my classmates when I send this to them

nicowyd says:

28:10 7 commandments “bookmark for me for discussion questions”

Demi Perez says:

Im 11 years old Im not hear for school Im doing this for fun

tricky tiger says:

I came here from school and expected this to be a really boring book but I ended up loving the fact it was animal communism.

Marcello Mercuri says:

The guy reading is just not good.

-a relatable and funny joke- says:

Man fantastic mr fox is darker than I thought

Anabella Rodriguez says:

If you listen to this and watch the oversimplified Russian revolution video back to back you can see the similarities

Tora says:

Listening cause of animals by floyd 🤤🤤 been on my list forever


Yes, I am here for school. But I am also here because I legit kept reading the same sentence over and overe eughh

Medical Adhesive Strips says:

This is only 3 hours?!

Aliyah Mae says:

36:06 bookmark

Carmyn Black says:

Chapter 8:-1:45:57
Chapter 9:-2:08:41
2:28:48 Boxer was forgotten
2:29:43 left off 2

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