Gardens of The Moon (review) by Steven Erikson

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This is my non-spoiler review for my Goodreads Sci-fi and Fantasy Readalong Group: book of the month; Gardens of The Moon [Malazan 1]. This is a book so unlike any other I’ve read and I’d love to hear all your thoughts on this and the series!

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Sanyam Kalra says:

Was trying to pick this up and you're review just hyped it more for me. I really like your review style as well plus you cover a lot of books good work👍👍

a a says:

You absolutely NAILED IT!!!! Your description of the book's complexity and richness is spot on in your review. For those, like myself, that need a little help seeing those beautifully placed Easter eggs, look into the "SciFi & Fantasy Read Along" . It's a trio of Erikson enthusiasts that dissect the entire book chapter by chapter.

G. Koner says:

Just wanted to say, thank you for the review!!!! Only decent one that it's structured enough to make sense to me!

Lori Ann White says:

I tried to read it, but I just didn’t like SE, style of writing. Good review nevertheless. Cheers.

Vincent Fox says:

Its complicated because he cant write to save his life.

trencher7 says:

I read a lot of fantasy and Gardens was not very good. Tried to finish the 2nd book and quit near the end. Characters were flat and uninteresting. I just didn't care at all about what was going on.

Gary Odom says:

Erikson is great. One must approach reading his books like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Everything that seems confusing or obscure tends to come together at the end.



Cyber Orchestra says:

Once you keep reading and get to the 3rd book, your mind will be blown by how awesome the series is…10 books of unsurpassed imagination and world building. The lack of popularity for Stiven's books is only cause no one is brave enough to put it to the screen. It would be a sight to remember.

O Niflrog says:

No love for Anomandaris? 🙁

HowdyComrade says:

I recently finished the series, and man… I teared up when you mentioned Whiskeyjack. I've never been so attached to a literary character. First in, last out!

Arkapravo Bhaumik says:

Hate to put you in a spot, which is the best series? (1) Stormlight Archive (I am reading that, in Book-1), (2) Wheel of Time (just too big, and that really intimidates me) and (3) Malazan Book of the Fallen?

classicrock2017 says:

Just finished this book and really enjoyed it, looking forward to reading Deadhouse Gates. Crokus and Rake were my favourite characters.

Thhunter says:

Gurps actually. Must have been a hell of a game though. 🙂

But Fiddler…

Luke Rosser says:

Decent review but I think you've undersold it. The series is a 5/5 masterpiece!

Natalie McManus says:

It took me three starts to really get into this book! I kept reading the beginning and putting it down for a few days. The characters just weren’t sinking in. But I knew how many fantasy readers absolutely adore the series and I didn’t want to give up. I finally decided to download the audiobook and listen to each chapter after I read it. Sometimes I read a synopsis online about each chapter. Once I was about a third of the way through, I was hooked! I finally felt like I had a grasp on the characters and it was incredible! Can’t wait to delve deeper… Now I know why it’s such a beloved series.

Jeremy Danchuk says:

This was the first book, I found the writing was better as the books went along. Esselmont had the same problem, Night of Knives was a little weaker, but once he got the feel for it they are just as good.

mcwulf25 says:

I love the complexities. So much so that I often have to check the wiki to find out what is going on!!!

MrScrawnjuan says:

One of my favourite series. Made my heart smile when you said, it's 700 pages. But it's 700 pages of awesomeness. I'm curious if Rake has become one of your favorite characters

Hussam Nabil says:

This is my favourite epic fantasy series

Amanda says:

A relative recommended this to me yesterday and I was pleased to see you have a review of it! Thanks!

Spruce Bug says:

This book and 'Name of the Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss are my all time favourites.

Life'saBeach says:

While though a couple of the books top 1200 pages I really enjoyed the series even though there is a lot to take in, as well as the Esslemont books. I'm reading the Kharkansas series right now and really like them

Karen Koutsoumbaris says:

Sit sounds really good, so Thankyou for your review, also Merry christmas

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