Fury of Dracula (third edition) review – Board Game Brawl

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Anthony Peterson says:

Seems like dice would slow down the game considerably. Loving the game with no dice

Matt M says:

Why should Dracula be balanced with hunters when its 4 against 1? Seems by balancing him they've actually unbalanced the game in favor of hunters.

Custos says:

Does it work well with just two players?

lolilol A says:

the rumor tokens should be placed on the map ( whether on your trail or not ) , not on the hidouts otherwise i don't see the point

Vladimir Jevdjic says:

Great review! Can u please tell me what are dimensions of a new map?

dreadknot69 says:

Thanks for the review Nick. I think you need to tone down your lighting there though, when you're talking.

BardicLiving says:

Nice to see there are no dice in this edition. Still not thrilled about that box art though…

Matt Willis says:

Sorry to be off topic but what is that game that looks like a treasure chest with a mouth and tongue sticking out behind the host's shoulder?

Eoin Costelloe says:

It was really difficult to get the old version of this. I cannot wait to get my hands on this updated better edition and for my group to try and hunt down Dracula.

FellVoice says:

How does combat work when multiple hunters are attacking Dracula? Does he get to fight each hunter every turn or does he only get to resolve one attack on one hunter in the turn? I hope that wasn't confusing. Thanks in advance.

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