Fury of Dracula Board Game Review

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“Fury of Dracula” is a great semi-cooperative board game with fun mechanics and a brilliantly developed theme. Check it out.

Fury of Dracula on Board Game Geek – http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/20963/fury-of-dracula

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Custos says:

Very cool, going to get it.

Custos says:

Keanu Reeves included?

Darcy Glavine says:

So it sounds like Scotland Yard or New York Chase, but with the addition of getting to hunt the hunters.

Cris Kamurai says:

HOW did I not see this before? Is there a board game playlist for before Mary?

Its my dream to talk about games all day every day, ♫Wouldn't it be nice if we could get together and talk about all the games♫.

This looks really interesting. I love semi-cooperative because it finds that nice middle ground between people finding cooperative being boring and everyone taking killing each other too personally.

Strangely I usually end up the villain instead of on the cooperative side in my favorite game: Super Dungeon Explore. Its's scary, I'm slightly obsessed.

algol291 says:

What do you think of 'Descent (2nd edition) if you've played it? Also, have you played 'Heroes Quest'? How about your thoughts on that one? And finally, compare the two, if you've played both and which one you like better and why.                                                        Don't worry. Your answer will be based on a curved grading system.

Neolarthytep says:

One of my favorite games of all time 

M. cool says:

My lord this game seems cool. However I cannot justify spending $200+ on a game

Carlos says:

Good evening, 

I am working with a college project and my idea is to "evolve" the board games trying to bring ideas from the world of board games and electronics to create a way to make the most practical boardgames to play games. 

I talked to some people and they told me that the flat part of the board games are mounting the scenario and read rules varied adventures as some bordgames have different adventures within the same game. The players I interviewed, told me some details that I believe is common among all players. the main points of board games are fun face to face with friends and have the physical parts of the game to move (is that right?) thinking about it, my idea is to keep these two important points (to move pieces and the fun guy face) but apply something electronic to evolve the convenience to start the games. Ex: a digital board (a screen) where the physical parts continue along with the data but the players do not lose more time riding the board and the rules could be "spoken" during the game by the same audio device. This is an example of what could be my product development, you approve of my idea of ​​"evolving" the board games? My target audience is the NERD / GEEK and this audience is very connected to technology, so I thought to bring the convenience of electronic games but keep the traditionalism of boardgames. 
Help me please, can opine, criticize, give tips, show me what's important, what can be expected, which could be added … this is my job completion for product design. 

Thank you very much.

Nathen Dayspring says:

I love playing board games. Any suggestions where a cough cough year old guy can meet people to play with and not come off as creepy?

Phil Kost says:

Memoir '44 is at the top of my list, and using the same system is Battle Cry.

Also a big fan of the RISK family…especially RISK 2210.

Joshua Gilmore says:

Settlers of Catan is always a good standby game more me. 

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