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A list of ten science fiction and fantasy books I think are really easy to get into and a lot of fun 🙂

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Fullmetal Alchemist:
Falling Kingdoms:
Alloy of Law:
Dresden Files:
Shadow of the Fox:

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Monika Wachowska says:

Discworld Series from Pratechett – for me it's the basis of a good funny and wise fantasy (especially the mini series about the Watch). I also recommend Russian (and generally Slavic fantasy): all books by Olga Gromyko (fantasy, Ukrainian); all books by Marta Kisiel (fantasty, Polish), all books about Guslar form Kir Bułyczow (sci-fi, Russian); and, for example – Redshirts from John Scalzi (sci-fi, USA), where the Author makes fun of some sci-fi standards 😉

Kotarah says:

Era 2 Mistborn books are super fun (Alloy of Law, etc), and Foundryside was a good time. I couldn't stop laughing but the stories are still so good otherwise. For graphic novels the Avatar ones are obviously a good time. It's a continuation of the TV show so it's bound to be fun. 🙂

Niaax says:

Big thanks @Elliot Brooks for putting together this list! I just finished reading the Aeronaut's Windlass and despite being new to the genre loved it! I need both a Rowl and a Captain Grimm in my life! Will be checking out your other recommendations as well. : )

mangalover0149 says:

I adore FMA and Warbreaker <3

Luis Torres says:

Will the signed paperback or hardcover editions of your book be available again on your website? If so, when?

Eric Viera says:

I had a blast reading the Harmony Black series by Craig Schaefer and the Feathers and Fire series by Shayne Silvers. They're both off shoots of another series, but I had no issues reading them first and then going back to the main series. Harmony Black is an offshoot of the Daniel Faust series. Feathers and Fire is an off Shoot of the Nate Temple series. I haven't read the Dresden Files, but everyone I described the Harmony Black series to has told me I would enjoy reading the Dresden Files. I'll have to put it on my list to read this year.

terryn 94 says:

Have you read son of the black sword saga? By Larry something lol I'm new to you channel just stubbled upon it because of the witcher. I know there is contraversy around the writer but I really loved the story.

Tottie Bunye says:

Hello, which ones are appropriate for a 9 year old? (he’s a strong reader and has already read a lot of series) thanks so much!

Slevin Kelevra says:

I would love to hear your take on "Grimdark" & "Noblebright" -fantasy. I might have misunderstood what they are.

I feel a bit split about most Grimdark books and highly rated reviews I've read. I would argue that a dark world doesn't inherently makes it more complex, intellectual or better adult fantasy. For instance Wings of war series (Bryce O´Connor) ends up using the same shock-horror twice… Probably a bad example of what feels like a dark YA.

I guess my point is that morally strong heroes being overdone shouldn't heighten morally weak characters to this degree?
flawed/deeper protagonists and developed side characters doesn't have to be apathetic/anti-heroes to be good I think.
(I've realized It is probably that I'm a bit faint of heart.)

I love most of Brandon Sanderson's books. The stormlight archive, Mistborn and would strongly recommend him as a rock solid author. :]
Red Rising – Morning Star ; Pierce Brown
The name of the wind ; Patrick Rothfuss
Dawn of Wonder ; Jonathan Renshaw

Kings's dark tidings ; Kel Kade – No masterpiece but it's in my opinion a page turner.

Stone henge says:

I have read all of the Dresden files books, great stories and lots of fun. Also agree with the Riyria Revelations series – fabulous read. I also got some new recommendations to try so thanks!!

Mary Among Stories says:

I plan to read the second era of Mistborn soon! thank you for the recommendations ^^

Punkydory says:

Definitely The Lunar Chronicles. It was my first foray into the genre. It’s an easy and fun read for someone that’s never read sci fi, but doesn’t lack depth.

Donald McDaniel says:

I'm a huge Jim Butcher fan, but if folks like Dresden, I think Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid books shouldn't be over looked. I scoff at talking cats, but a talking Irish Wolfhound is brilliant.

Lana Sídhe says:

Freaking love Fullmetal Alchemist! Such a classic!

Paul Tribbett says:

please read The Wandering Inn and tell me what you think

Amy Kruse says:

The last fun series I remember was the Seven Realms novels by Cinda Williams Chima. Also..Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. Guess I went too serious in my reading this year; those are the only fun books I read this year.

Anne D says:

I read Shadow of the Fox some time ago, the sequel came out a little while ago and I can't wait to buy it! Did you read any more of Julie Kagawa's books? if you didn't, I really recommend them, she has some amazing series.

Saber1796 says:

Sponge Bob Squarepants the Musical was your ad before your video. I wonder if that speaks about me or your channel?

Reads With Kesara says:

This is a great list. I loved it!

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