Frankenstein (2004) Movie Review

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Reviewing the 2004 Hallmark Mini-Series adaptation of Frankenstein! By far one of the most faithful adaptations of the book I’ve seen so far!

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Frankenstein (2004) Blu-ray
Frankenstein (2004) DVD (has extras not on the Blu-ray)

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sfighter00 says:

I think I've seen a bit of this "Mini-Series" on one of the "Encore" channels. I was probably in my late teens or early 20's, so I was more partial to the Kenneth Branaugh movie. I haven't seen the whole series, but from you said Sean, where I feel the 1994 movie was the most faithful (aside from the Bride moment) adaptation, this one sounds to be the most faithful of the 2000's. Will keep an eye out for this one. Great Review.

Chogrin Munoz says:

Absolutely LOVE this adaptation. Will you be reviewing the 1994 De Niro version? Also, highly recommend this doc:

gocsa says:

"…so until next time, FUCK YOU!" lol it should be a series, the "angry reviews" or something like that

noobmaster69 says:

Could you do a young Frankenstein review please?

Strum Dogg says:

PS: The DVD includes additional special features that are not on the BD!
So do like I did, if you care about having it, get both the DVD & Blu-ray.

Strum Dogg says:

This is the Frankenstein review I've been waiting for.
Thanks Sean!

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