Frankenstein (1931) Movie Review

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Reviewing the classic 1931 Frankenstein movie! Not only looking at the film, but also how it follows or differs form the book, its place in history and influence on subsequent Frankenstein films, blowing the lid of the mass memory of Igor and more!

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samara koseff says:

This was a fascinating watch, really helped me with my comparison essay of the book to this movie.

Terry Fedora says:

This is really well done. I love the depth of research and thought put into it. I love you bouncing between the book and the film and mentioning other adpations. Very good. Do you think you'll do Victor Frankenstien with Danielle Radcliff and James McAvoy? Or "The Bride" with Sting?

ProJatior says:

I hated the 1931 movie but Bride of Frankenstein was leaps and bounds of an improvement and closer to Mary Shelly’s Novel. I’ve seen most of the universal Frankenstein by now. I like all the sequels more than the first film even when they didn’t make sense.

Richard Tweed says:

These Universal Monster videos are truly making my Halloween season. This is the 1st time I've ever commented on youtube, but I ought to; this is the best youtube channel, OF ALL TIME. tremendous work

CosmoShidan says:

I know Shelly intended for the lightning scene in the book to inspire Frankenstein to create life, but wasn't that scene a sort of hint as to how he brought the creature to life in the book?

T. L says:

All the James whale films are masterpieces, Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein and my personal favourite The invisible man. But has anyone watched his bio pic film with Brendon Frasier. Gods and deamons I believe it’s called?

Hank Sampson says:

Enjoyed your hard earned insight here Sean. It’s rewarding to go deep with the research and make all these interesting observations and connections. Very glad that Lugosi passed and Karloff got to act Frankenstein’s monster.. That bone structure was so well suited to the character. You say Po-tay-to and I say Po-tah-to, you say Igor and I say Fritz….let’s call the whole thing off.

Fragminion says:

I should imagine the Stage Curtain cress's being one of those kind of Old Movie meeting the High Def age…

Mike Crawford says:

Doesn’t one of The Frankenstein movies have an an introduction that shows Mary shelly at a dinner party where their shareing ghost stories (sort of a recreation of the story of how the origanal novel’s idea came to be)

ravenous1111 says:

when are u doing dracula 1992 brother?

English Pizza says:

Will you be doing a video for all the different versions of The Mummy(original, Brendan Fraser, or the Tom Cruse version) or if you are only making one video that will have a mini review for all of them

Horror Gang says:

Great video broo!! Can you please check out my recent video! I know you would like it!!

Johnny raven says:

I own the film. I will say it's a classic. I like some elements of it. But it's not really a favorite of mine at all. It's a good classic. Not Amazing classic. I love the "Creature From The Black Lagoon" that is my number 1# favorite Universal monster. Plus to me it's a better film. The Wolf Man is ok. I saw different forms of him. Dracula isn't a great classic. It's ok. Never saw it but saw clips and just eh. The Mummy film is also one I never saw but I don't think I would like it anyway. I love the 90's remakes updated films though. Even the third Dragons Tomb Or whatever, I think it's a good sequel anyway with the first two.

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