FIXING TIM BURTON'S WORST MOVIE ADAPTATION [miss peregrine's home for peculiar children]

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i can’t actually believe they just…swapped two characters completely i mean i MEAN I MEAN COME ON BUDDY no it’s fine it’s fine but like come on.

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GUNDAMDragon Lord says:

Its depressing how your using the success of someone elses concepts someone well known such as Tim Burton. And proceed to insult their creations by "Fixing it" why couldn't you just draw the characters without being self righteous. Really I seen videos shaming people for "Fixing their original creations" because it bring displeasure towards the original creator. Its drawing videos like this that do not deserve praise.

Angel The Pirate says:

Omg plEASE do Coraline by the book! I would love to see that!

Samantha Winkler says:

Vampire diaries. The characters are so different in the series vs the book

frida us says:

Do one of Lord of the rings

Jaymesthecoolboi says:

Am I the only one that couldn't read the book without giving all the characters British accents

anntasha mccormick says:

would really like to see Labyrinth

Jai says:

Yasss finally! 😊❤️

Cheyanne Stuart says:

Love this!! I was so excited for the movie but so disappointed when I saw it. It feels like they changed everything, but not enough for it to be it's own movie. I generally like Tim Burton's stuff, but this movie was just a letdown and not enjoyable.

Mr. Fazbear says:

This is why I am now taking drawing classes, I aspire to be as good as lavendertowne!

Some Person says:

Middle school the worst years of my life

I will steal your kneecaps says:

I like pretending the book and movie aren’t supposed to be in the same franchise and just happen to share names and some plot lines.

The Toast Addict says:

Could you do a by the book of Mortal Engines?

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