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did they…not want to make this movie? ??
[oh P.S. I’m doing my first Youtube livestream on Sunday at 1 pm PST to celebrate 600k!]

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LavenderTowne says:

I swear Percy's skin was not that green on my Cintiq lol oh well I guess his skin is literally olive now
OH ALSO ALSO!!!! I'm doing my very first Youtube livestream this Sunday at around 1pm PST! I'm probably going to be taking requests, doing a Q + A, and working on Unfamiliar, so I hope you guys can come!

JaKavyn Wilson says:

Ik plenty of seniors with that goatee

thatsquizz says:

That is EXACTLY (to a T) how i pictured Grover. Perfect. Most of the other stuff is pretty good too!

Axelrod says:

Three is such an important number omg XD. The Big Three. The Three Fates. Percy, Annabeth, Grover. Harry, Ron, Hermione. … it just never ends XDDD

onlyme _jxssx says:

To be honest I really liked Logan Lerman as Percy (even though he looked nothing like a 12 year old)🙈

Joy Sorvida says:

Percy is described well in the Heroes of Olympus series. He does have shaggy long black hair, pretty tall(in the HoO series, he obviously grew) lanky, and olive skin. And yes Annabeth was ruined in the movie, I mean Alexandra Dadario(?) was definitely better when the second movie came out but still , she was ruined. The entire POJ series was ruined by the movie. I saw the movie before I read the books(sorry POJ fans, didn’t have the resources at the time, bite me) but yeah, ever since then I couldn’t imagine Annabeth being tan, but then again, it was the movie’s fault. I would’ve edited some of Logan Lerman’s features into Percy’s cause that one’s pretty easy. Especially if you need reference look for the HoO series. Anyways, we have our own ways of imagining the characters but the movie really did one on me.

Love the vid though, asides from the avocado complexion.

Nexus Lax says:

Me Radcliff, wasn't actually, to my knowledge at least, allergic to the contact lenses, he was allergic to something with the glasses they were having him wear. They replaced the glasses but they had already done a fair bit of the filming so didn't bother with the contact lenses. If I am remembering incorrectly please forgive me and let me know.

Sky Jones says:

I know like in the first movie Annabeth looked nothing like in the books

Huey Freeman says:

Just a point, I've seen many high schoolers with full-on beards. Which is weird but yeah.

Jonathan Zandstra says:

why does " Rip Tide" (Percy's sword) look SOOOO much different in the movies, and in the older books, than in the cover of "the sun of Neptune"

Edit: also in "The Mark of Athena" it says that Annabeth had secretly had a crush on Percy since they were 12, but in the 1st movie (I haven't seen the 2nd movie) there in zero indication that she likes Percy but okay

I Love says:


Blue Line says:

Aaaaw love how you draw them ! That's true, Percy in the first book is juste a poor child lost and confused (and also pretty impulsive), while Annabeth is a brain and a well of knowledge about greek mythology and… everything in general. I'm feel a bit ashamed cause I discovered the whole book serie by seeing the film… (OK I LIKED IT FIRST BCAUSE I LOOOVED GREEK MYTHOLOGY FOR A WHILE but when I read the book I forgot about it and saw how much they didn't respect the book… it was hard then to imagine Percy as a 11 years old boy !). This video made me feel super good with my favorite serie for a while, I need to re-re-re-read read all the books (which are now 13… from PJO to Trials of Papadopoulos (hehe), without reading the extra books (the greek gods, the greek heroes…) and without having the other who haven't been edited in my country … France what are you waiting for ?) !
Ok I stop talking, thaaaanks this video was SO COOOOL <3 I suscribe because it was COOOOOOOL
Edit : Errr… some VERY SPECIFIC DETAILS about the characters as "honey blonde hair" for Annabeth and… "goat eyes" are not translated this way in my book… angry noise

TheBurritoBandit Oi says:

It's funny all I remember percy wearing normally is his chin t shirt and from the second book Reeboks

Hazuki _itz says:

holy fucc I’m 11 years old and I can even date this guy

Inferno Rose says:

Why on earth would they change someone's race xD

MJ Mans says:

Fun fact: Riptide is described as being a leaf-shaped sword. She — yes the sword is canonically a girl — isn't the typical straight, triangle tipped sword you'd imagine. Her blade starts wide at the bottom and curves to a point at her tip.

Kazumi Chan says:

I really hate how they adapted Grover.. :p

Maria Knox says:

Grover is caucasian because in the Titian's Curse it said "When I told him, Grover went pale."
Chapter 4 page 44

Panda.StudiosXxo Vlogs says:

Why did YouTube suddenly recommend Percy Jackson to me? I don't read the book nor did I watch the movie(s) movies or movie? Eh… And I've never searched it in YouTube

YayaFingerButters says:

Not everyone can wear contacts, and correcting the eye color of a main character in post-production is a big pain. Also, eyes are a huge part of acting, and contacts can hinder this.

This was the reason the showrunners of Game of Thrones opted to leave out Daenerys's purple eyes.

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