Favourite Books by Indian Authors || Best Indian Books to Read

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Favourite Books by Indian Authors || Must Read Books by Indian Authors || Best Indian Books to Read

In this video I tell you about the best Indian authors whose books you must read. The books are listed in no particular order but definitely they are some of the Best Indian Books ever.

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Raven Goliath says:

Nutella and Dabur Hajmola!

Krish KS says:

Pls show the book properly , lighting issues

Nitesh Satapathy says:

why fake accent? please show your self as you are please

Mrinmay Changdar says:

Make video about swamij's books

atish acharyya says:

Jokhon Indian author ar tader boi er kotha bol6en tokhon age Samaresh Basu , Samaresh Majumder, Moni Sankar Mukhopaddhaya aro anek well known bengali author a6e tader keo jodi paren pore dekhte paren .. (if you know bengali and well accustomed with that language).. thank you .🙏🏻

Rishitha Mamidala says:

shiva trilogy by amish too

Prakhar Deep Pandey says:

I miss those gauraiya bird sound in your background. In my childhood I used to cry when any bird died after crashing with my verandah fan. But now I don't see any.😞😞

Kainat Zehra says:

'The Palace of Illusions' and 'Forest of Enchantment' are masterpieces by Chitra Divakaruni too. Loved the list! ❤

rahul roman says:

Ponniyin selvam

Subhajit Biswas says:

Only english language book!!!😏😏😏

02_nilay bhavsar says:

You have not mentioned a books by Abdul kalam, shame on you

Arpita Nath says:

Can you pin down the list in the comments section..I think this would be another help for everyone..give it a thought please.BDW you are awesome 👍👍

Manjunatha Kamath says:

The white tiger is my fav ❤

Aniket Darade says:

I like your channel because you are book lover

Bhagirathi Vadhiya says:

Shiva trilogy

Ballerina Mazumder says:

The recommendation list is truly good♥️👍 But all throughout I was wishing for you to bring up 'The Immortals of Mehula'. Its one of the best books ever written. Not to mention Satyajit Ray's 'Feluda', and Malgudi Days😍😍. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation ♥️

Sushmita Das says:

The best book written by an indian author is stranger trilogy by novoneel chakraborty…guys, read once specially" Marry me stranger" book! Im sure you wont regret it👌

Ayesha Singh says:

A fine balance by Rohinton mistry

Simran BTSArmy says:

Karna's wife: the outcaste's queen by Kavita Kané

Anwyesha Bhattacharya says:

Rabindranath Tagor's Golpoguccho is one of the best. I don't know it is translated in english or not. But it depicts many aspects of life. Also his novels are out of the world. Sharatchandra Chottopadhyay's stories are so much human emotion based and it's a reflection of ancient day's socioeconomic structure and struggle of people with different situations.. both of them are my favourite

Bhanu Prakash says:

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Torrent Tube says:

Mam all books you hold in your hand are looking totaly new, if someone reads a book it will have a different look !

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