Favorite NON Scifi/Fantasy Books!

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People often ask me to talk outside the SFF (Scifi fantasy) genre. Well here are some of my favorites of all time!

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Daniel Greene says:

Yeah… the road is sci-fi…. BUT I COULDNT HELP MYSELF ITS WHO I AM!
Edit for those interested in the Sherlock character rights limits: https://www.intellectualpropertymagazine.com/copyright/the-curious-case-of-copyright-and-character-103133.htm

Shylah Blomquist says:

OMG YES! The Road … I read it a few years ago, and I intentionally read it during the summer knowing full well that it would be a bleak, depressive world. But I still enjoyed it very much, despite its dark theme. Incidentally, it made me so very grateful for the world we do live in – even in our current political/environmental world I am grateful. I remember taking breaks while reading it and looking up at the sun shining, the green grass and the foliage of the trees around me and being SO very grateful for life. But it is still a well written book and worth a read.

Yes Maybe says:

I think I'm the only person who didn't like the Road. I found it boring and very uninteresting.

Brian DeFriez says:

Man after my own heart, loved the Road, loved the complete Sherlock Holmes stories…

Saarah Asif says:

I'd give the Road a 3.9/5. I never ever cry at the end of books or movies, but it was so weird my face was totally wet at the end of this book. So I re read the ending a few days later and same thing! Bizarre

Miron Šprajc says:

Have you read any Agatha Christie's Poirot mystery novels, quite similar to sherlock holmes? They're very good

Charlotta Dellborg says:

As a Swede, I'd say a lot of the hate against the american millennium movie(s) isn't really about quality or artistic aspects. It's rather about the fact that there already was a movie, based on the exact same book that was far from in need of a remake.

Personally I think it's a bit insulting that people felt they had to make an American version instead of adapting the Swedish one. It's like, instead of selling a translation if a foreign book you just write a whole new version. If it's that people dislike subtitles, why not dub it? Is it really that difficult to appreciate foreign culture? I wouldn't say it's cultural appropriation but the feeling is similar to that I think.

TL;DR: Sometimes we foreigners are just frustrated the originals don't get appreciated and so the American remakes get hate even though they're good

River Song says:

I read the book The Road in highschool and liked it. Nora Roberts who writes romance has writen a post apocalyptic book with people with power and magic and just regular everday humans. It's worth a read

Hayley Brown says:

Have you watched the BBC benedict cumberbatch adaptation?

Silvia Gurgel says:

you should definitely read "blindness", by jose saramago! beautifully dark 🔥

Stephen Nootens says:

I'm more of Ms. Marple fan personally and generally love Agatha Christie work since I can reread them over and over again. As for my three favoriite non science fiction books they would probable be Richard Bachman's Rage, it's about a boy holding his class hostage so not surprising it is out of print. I loved it when I was in high school and dark secrets of his fellow classmates felt more true than those in movies like The Breakfast Club. Two would be Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting which is so weird and disturbing that it has to be read to believe. It should be noted that the movie is only like fraction of the book. The third would I think have to be Raymond Chandler's Big Sleep. It's classic hard boiled detective story that put all the others to shame, I still remember seating in my living room listen to Muddy Waters as I zipped through the book. Unlike Holmes, it's not really about the case, it's about the mood and the world he makes. The gritty dark world where morels aren't easy to hold onto and knowing what will be around the next corner impossible.

MrCushcam says:

'Not going to mention any sci fi' NUMBER 2… THE ROAD

Ben Tennyson says:

Suggest any book better than The Book Thief

Dan Eady says:

Why does the background music sound all soothing and Animal Crossing-esque?

Maria Alexandre says:

how should sherlock holmes be read? 🥴

Sy Kepler says:

At first I thought I heard the Zora theme from Breath of the Wild in the background.

Rayman123 says:

If you want to try out Sherlock Holmes, just get it on Audible. The entire Collection of Sherlock Holmes stories read by Stephen Fry for just one Credit.

Avery Wells says:

Favorite non-fantasy books:
Two Years Before The Mast, by Richard Henry Dana
The Bounty Trilogy, by Charles Nordhoff & James Norman Hall
Swiss Family Robinson, by Johann David Wyss
Sherlock Holmes, for sure, but you've already covered that one.
Damn near anything by Louis L'amour.
Where Eagles Dare, by Allistair MacLean. The title itself is friggin' awesome.
Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Because… pirates.

Katarina Rundgren says:

My recommendations for you to check out, all crime fiction, are:
Tapping the Source by Kem Nunn
The Last Good Kiss by James Crumley
Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Cathy Rogers says:

I loved Shogun when it came out, during a time when not much was know about feudal Japan.

Spencer Munro says:

If you ever get the time, check our We, The Drowned by Carsten Jensen!

Shawn Mansouri says:

Try The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum

Just Ice says:

My top three are mostly German

1. Solo für Clara (German: Clara’s Solo)
a girl, she plays piano, she’s great, but
her teacher doesn’t care for her, for he
has a student who he likes way better.
The story does not have a true climax,
It’s more of a story of Clara’s life until
2. Do you speak chocolate?
A story about the rocky and
complicated friendship about an
immigrant who had to flee her home
because of war, and a girl who tries to
be the best friend possible and makes
all the mistakes that come with it.
3. Das Jahr als die Bienen kamen (German: the year the bees came)
This girl’s grandpa dies, and she
inherits a hive of his bees. It’s a story
of family problems, assumptions and

Gaming Dreamer says:

I never see Daniel that full GEEKOUT about anything before
So it was Holmes
Read Deticatve Conan manga

Mike Salnikov says:

Have you seen the soviet Sherlock Homes tv show from the like 80-s? I'm not such a big Sherlock fan, so I can't be sure, but I've heard it's very close to the books

Lisa Hill says:

I loved the Millennium trilogy so much. I haven't tried any of the continuation with the new author, so I probably won't now.

Puvendran Pillay says:

First time I heard of Cormac McCarthy is from Mike Tyson Mysteries

Pug Shorty says:

My #1 non-fiction book would be Killing Sacred Cows by Garret Gunderson. I had always thought that Robin Hood was one of the greatest fiction character of all time.

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