FAVORITE KICKASS FEMALE CHARACTERS | Romance & Fantasy Book Recommendations

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Hello Everyone! I have compiled a list of 5 books with my favorite strong, kickass, amazing, brave, *insert more adjectives, female characters! I included both Romance Books and Fantasy Books that had strong female book characters.

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xo Melissa



Meera Somasundaram says:

Me thinking it's going to be like every other rec video.
her starting: motorcycle age gap

you have got my attention

Vega says:

The guy develops an interest in a girl he met when she was seven? Creepy!

Glenn Hubble says:

Great Video Melissa, and it is really well explained.

ashley bryce says:

A Curse So Dark and Lonely was such a good read. I loved Harper and Rhen both. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Book Your Imagination says:

I loved, loved, loved Warbreaker, too. I agree that both characters are great kick-ass female characters! I haven't read any of the other books, but they look so good! Good video!

Amanda Stewart says:

Could you do a review on wattpad story Imperfect by recoisblessed?

ZarriahRose says:

yessss we love strong kickass girl power !!

Katherine Hernandez says:

I loved Warbreaker! And Siri is my absolute favorite in that book. Vivienna kind of annoyed me but I do really like how she grew throughout. But Siri is just the best and I love that she decided to take matters into her own hands 👌🏼

Books Are Life says:

Love this video! ❤ and that cover of Warrior In The Wild 👌

Joe's Review Journal says:

I think my top female character was Katniss.

Super badass in the first two Hunger Game books.

In book three she was meh but overall she killed it. Literally lol

OhSoAbby says:

A Curse so Dark and Lonely has definitely been added to my TBR!!! great video 🙂

Chris Gordon says:

I love your recommendation videos! Keep them coming, girl. ❤️

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