Favorite FANTASY Books!!

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Hey everyone!! In this video I recommend some of my absolute favorite fantasy books! I hope you guys got some good recommendations from this video =) Comment down below what favorites video you want me to do next! Subscribe if you are new here and give this video a like if you enjoyed 😀 Love you guys!

xx, Jill


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Seraphina Grace says:

Can you please do a recommendation for books on high school life

I also recommend wake. It's a trilogy

Renato Pedrosa says:

Thank you for the recommendations.
I'm so grateful!

Fawzan Wajahat says:

I don’t know I tried reading Harry Potter but I didn’t like it and it painted a bad image for the genre of fantasy in my mind. But then I read six of crows and it painted a beautiful image for fantasy in my mind. I understand six of crows doesn’t really focus on the fantasy element so in my opinion another great fantasy read is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Mark Whittum says:

I started out with Tolkien. 😆

Ellena E says:

I just finished reading Lucy Wickshire and I'm looking for those who have read Lucy Wickshire…. Is there no one who has read this book?

Lily Castillo says:

I really like Marcus Alexander's Keeper of the Realms Trilogy.

forest n raindeers says:

OMG every booktubers keep talking about the SAME books. I get it the books are popular but really it's getting annoying

mangalover0149 says:

Laini Taylor is a beautiful writer.

xyr3s says:

How do u have mistborn in there and not the stormlight archive? :p

Arla Hoxha says:

I miss her :/

Chirag Singh says:

I highly recommend the Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones even.

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