Fantasy for Historical Fiction Fans | HISTORICAL FANTASY

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In which I discuss fantasy books for readers who enjoy historical fiction…

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christa _ says:

okay i trust you becasue you have the remnant chronicles on your shelf <33

Tintin And Snowy says:

I have another recommendarion, and if you choose to get into it trust me you will have so,ething to read for awhile. It is a series of like 47 or something books. It is called the legend of the ice peaple. It fallows a family who are relatives of a evil sprcerer lr so,ething. The first book starts in like 15th century europe and ends in like the 1950’s

Rori Rants says:

Fantasy of Manners…have you read The Invisible Library?

Natalia Álvarez says:

My TBR got considerably longer as per usual when I watch your videos… 🙂
I cant wait to be able to visit the bookstores in Spain again. 🖤

JediBookMasterIvy says:

Walk on Earth a Stranger is so beautiful! I loved the audiobook.

Jessica Kulpa says:

Thanks so much for these recommendations!!! They all look so amazing😍
Hope you're doing well, staying hydrated and reading through your tbr during social distancing.

Wilde Book Garden says:

I think a great one for this topic is The Magnolia Sword by Sherry Thomas! it's an ownvoices story based partly on Mulan (based much more on the original legend) that draws heavily on 5th century Chinese history. This one basically reads like historical fiction because the genre Thomas takes inspiration from is wuxia, which is a genre of martial arts drama where everything is very realistic and real-world feeling except for the almost supernaturally talented swordsmanship.
It's definitely character-focused and some readers might find it slow, but I didn't because I loved the political elements and the characters so much. Also, historical fiction fans might be used to slow-build stories!

Andrea Broman says:

I made a video response with my own list 😀

Jasmine D says:

Love the glamor glass series but they get better as they go on! Totally recommend the later books

Raf T says:

This is the perfect recommendations video, thank you!!!

Maria 124 says:

Talking cat-dogs? Definitely reading Temeraire! Have you read any Octavia E. Butler books? They're sci-fi rather than fantasy but often in a historial setting, you should check them out! 'Kindred' in particular, it has time-travel where the black protagonist is suddenly yanked back in time to the 1800's and discovers some of her ancestors were slave-owners

Vamps Rock says:

Great list, TFS :). Here's some from me
>The Witching Hour by Anne Rice is an EPIC family saga/horror about a matrilineal family of witches from the late 1600's Scotland through to late 20th century New Orleans via other places
>Iron Cast by Destiny Soria is a 1919 set YA with blood magic intertwined with artistic abilities.
>The All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness includes time travel to Elizabethan London
>Witchlight by J. S. Watts has a very 1940's 'middle England' vibe

And these are all offerings

>The Black God's Drums by P. Djèlí Clark is a steampunk-ish, novella set in early 20th century alternate New Orleans
>The Devil in America by Kai Ashante Wilson is another novella, this time set post civil war USA
>Of Sorrow and Such by Angela Slatter is yet another novella, this time with a medieval Europe vibe,
>Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh, another novella, this time with an early 20th century feel
>The House in the Cerulean Sea by T. J. Klune has a deliberately mid 20th century feel

Christina Delrio says:

Good idea ?

readbyali says:

A lot of books I desperately want to get to (especially A Shadow Bright and Burning and Temeraire, on your recommendation ofc 😊) So many books, too little time!
Also, read Circe and enjoyed it; definitely need to pick up Song of Achilles!

Kate G says:

I'm currently reading Karen Maitland's Company of Liars. It's set during the Black Death. While there are quite a few different aspects of magic, they are fairly small and not the main feature of the book. It's very character driven (which I'm actually loving, despite being more of a plot based reader)

luvBB4lyf says:

"pride and prejudice retelling but with magic"?!! had to do a double take at that, couldnt believe my ears!

Rebecca McCurdy says:

I'd recommend The Wolf in the Whale, adult best seller, for people interested in early Viking exploration of the new world and Inuit history and beliefs. Seeing Norse and Inuit mythologies interacting with each other and Christianity was really cool. Radiance for sci-fi silent film era and literary fiction fans. Fawkes for Gunpowder Plot and color based magic system fans. For ancient Greece mythology and philosophy Thessaly Trilogy by Jo Walton. Anything by Stephen R. Lawhead.

Anna Hill says:

Every time someone says the Winternight Trilogy is one of their favorites I immediately trust them a whole lot more!!! I’ve been reading since I was 5 and I’m in my mid 20s now and after about a 6 year slump of reading, Winternight is what made me fall in love with fiction again. It was that good.

Rachel Marie says:

Would also recommend Hearthstone by Elle Katharine White for Regency/Jane Austen fans (it's a Pride and Prejudice retelling with DRAGONS)

Amy R says:

Sam, have you ever read any books by Francis Hardinge? Her books are fantastic, generally have no romance, but still manage to hook me in, and usually have a historical setting, or a history inspired setting.

Shiny Sparkle says:

As a fan of both historical fiction and fantasy, may I recommend some Cleopatra Selene stories? She was a real person and some books such as daughters of the nile and cleopatra’s moon do divulge into magic.

Id Rather Be Reading says:

Also Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys is a pretty good WW2 historical fiction. Very emotional.

Michelle Hall says:

Outlander diana gabaldon

Ash M says:

his fair assassins! – 15th century europe

Jess says:

The Golem and The Jinni by Helene Wecker is absolutely one of the best historical fantasies, especially if you're interested in middle eastern folklore and turn of the 20th century New York. The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo is also a good read for people into Asian history and culture.

cerrad says:

Putting in a plug for The Binding by Bridget Collins. Vaguely early 1800s England setting but with the twist that some people are able to remove memories and bind them into books. Devoured it in just over a day and it’s still with me months later (the U.K. hardcover edition on Book Depository is gorgeous, btw)

Lenir Lacerda Costa says:

I would also recommend The Gentlemen Bastards Sequence, to anyone who likes the Renaissance period. It’s high fantasy, so it’s not based on the real world, but it reminds me a lot of that period in terms of clothing and costumes and also the city it’s set in makes me think of Venice. So there you go. I should warn though, that in the beginning there’s not a lot of exposition so you’re just thrown into this world with a different calendar, a dozen gods, etc, without a lot of explanation. But once you get used to the names and stuff it’s easy to follow and a great series to read.

Jen B Collecting says:

Like the Bible 😂😂😂

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