Fantasy Books With Magical School Settings

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Books with a magical school setting has always been one of my favourite tropes in fantasy. Here are my top fantasy series set in magic schools/academies.
➤Books mentioned:
The Novice:
The Magicians:
The Name Of The Wind:
The Rithmatist:
The School For Good And Evil:
Give The Dark My Love:
Blood Song:

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Andreea Grg says:

I just discoverd you and already I love you! I like the books you have there.
Brandon Sanderson it is a great writer <3

SURANGANA'S ANUSHREE Music Academy says:

try crave by traacy wolf

BlueGenie 7 says:

Miss Mabel's School for girls. It's got the magic school trope. And though it's name sounds like it's for younger readers it's definitely young adult I'd say.

Kev D says:

Give Schooled in magic by Christopher G. Nuttall a read if you enjoy the school and learning setting

Saumya Singh says:

What might be some fantasy books set in magic duels and tournaments?

Arshan EXE says:

Does The Novice have friendships like Harry Potter and the magesterium


The school for good and evil is an awsome book that takes place in a magic school 🥳

Iqqss _ says:

Hey, I would like to ask will it be appropriate to read the school for good and evil considering that I’m 19 years old almost turning 20? Since I’ve heard that it’s a middle grade series? Please help. Thanks

Tam says:

I recommend The Medoran Chronicles – magic school – adventure – fun – friendship – cool kick ass parts – YA. I love your recommendations, big fan of the Kingkiller Chronicles. I’m interested in checking out Blood Song and The Novice. If you enjoy The Magicians you should check out the Tv show, the magic is incredible.

Teesixhundred says:

I enjoy Christopher Nuttalls 'Schooled in Magic' series

denise leah says:

thank you for this video!! very helpful

Malak Sayed says:

Crave is a pretty good read. Its by Tracey wolf

jamako says:

Not a recommendation but rather something to look forward to: "A Deadly Education" by Naomi Novik.
I recently read Novik's Spinning Silver and it was an excellent tale with many Slavic myths interwoven in it! After checking out her twitter and website I was quite intrigued by the description of her new book, which is based on the legends and myths around the Scholomance – a Transylvanian school for black magic, run by the Devil himself. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Novik does with this story.

That said, I'll definitely pick up Blood Song.

Joanna Mulholland says:

The sequel of Give the Dark my Love is actually out and has been available since 2019… title is Bid My Soul Farewell

JerodimusPrime says:

You should try The Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan. I liked it a lot, reminded me of a more mature Harry Potter in a High Fantasy world.

Charles Fetters says:

I'm always looking for recommendations for epic high fantasy like Lord of the Rings where they are on some traveling quest. 🙂

Lazy Owl says:

Akarnae is another good series set in a school

Lazy Owl says:

I enjoyed Lev Grossman's series but I thought that they weren't well written. This book series I actually enjoyed the tv series more than the books.
I absolutely love NoTW and I sososososo hope the third book comes out this year.

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